Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 34

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Welcome to another week and another chapter. The story is starting to get towards the end now, so here we go.

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I’m going to ask one last time.

Chapter 34


The club was quiet when Daniel arrived with Silas. Apparently, Oliver had asked Silas to come early and of course Toby had insisted that they had to stay together. So, that meant Daniel was now left twiddling his thumbs and wondering what he was meant to do in the two hours until the club opened.

He decided to start cleaning the equipment. Although it was always cleaned after use an extra wipe over never did any harm.

He’d done the spanking bench and was kneeling to clean the bottom of the St Andrew’s Cross, when he heard a whistle. Turning sharply, he saw Carlos standing nearby watching him.

“Hmmm, you look good like that boy.” Carlos’ tone was admiring and Daniel felt his face warm.

He stayed om his knees as his master approached and ruffled his hair.

“Leave the rest of what you’re doing. We’re due in the bar soon, it’s our turn to set up.”

“Yes, Sir,” Daniel replied and made to rise, only to find that Carlos’ hand didn’t move from his hair.

“You know I was rereading your limits list, you marked kissing as a soft limit. Is that still he case?”

Daniel froze. How should he answer? He’d never been kissed, but he didn’t want to have to admit that to Carlos. It would make him look like…okay so he wasn’t sure what it would make him look like, either way it probably wouldn’t be flattering.

Carlos’ voice brought him out of his thoughts. “I’m going to ask one last time. Is your list still the same?”

Making a snap decision Daniel took a deep breath before answering. “Yes, Sir. My list is still the same.”


Carlos tightened his hold on his boy’s hair and reminded himself to take things slow and careful. He tugged slightly and Daniel rose gracefully to his feet. Carlos felt a flutter in his chest. His boy was beautiful.

“What are your safe words?” He wanted to ensure Daniel remembered he could stop everything at any time.

“Yellow for slow down, and red for stop, Sir.”

Nodding Carlos made sure to catch Daniel’s gaze and hold it as he tugged him closer. He had a suspicion this would be, if not Daniel’s first kiss, then at least the first one that would be offered with any caring involved.

As he got closer he watched Daniel’s eyes widen, he could see fear there, but also he thought he could see desire. He brushed their lips together and felt his boy gasp against his lips.

He paused a few seconds to give Daniel the chance to use a safe word if he needed to. When there were no words forthcoming, he took that as a green light.

Joining their lips again he traced his boy’s lips softly with his tongue. His boy tasted of some sort of citrusy fruit. He wrapped his free arm around Daniel’s waist and held him firmly as he deepened the kiss further.

He wanted to cheer as he felt Daniel melt against him and heard a soft moan. He tangled his tongue with Daniel’s and after a while Daniel started to kiss him back.

The room faded away and his only focus was his boy and the feelings that were growing with every minute.

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