Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 35

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Prompt Used:

A picture of lemmings jumping of a cliff

Chapter 35


Silas slowed his pace as he approached Oliver’s office. What if Oliver had changed his mind? What if the Dom no longer wanted to put up with a damaged sub like him? What if…?

“Boy, are you going to stand out there all night?” Oliver’s voice echoed in the long hallway and Silas noticed he was standing outside Oliver’s office. How long had he been standing there panicking?

“Now, Boy,” Oliver ordered, causing Silas to almost run into the room.

He took in the room with a quick glance and seeing Oliver sitting on the couch in the corner, Silas moved to kneel at his feet.

Bowing his head Silas waited. He felt like a lemming heading toward a long drop.


Oliver looked down at his boy. He could practically feel the tension pouring off of Silas. He hoped he was making the right move. He didn’t want to push Silas too far, too soon. But, he also wanted to help Silas to move past what happened to him. He knew Silas would never forget what happened, the past made Silas who he was now, Oliver wouldn’t have met him otherwise… Except he wanted him happy. He knew it wouldn’t happen all at once. Just some day, he wanted to see his boy smile and laugh. He wanted to be able to hug him without him flinching. He wanted to kiss and him and eventually make love to him. Someday… He just had to have patience, it didn’t matter whether it took two weeks, two years, or more, he wouldn’t give up on what he was feeling develop between them.

“Look at me.” He kept his voice soft but firm. When Silas looked up Oliver indicated the paper he was holding. “I’ve been looking over your limits list. Do you remember what you wrote or do we need to go over it again?”

“I remember, Sir.”

“Good. We’ll start with the basics and then, if we have time, we’ll go into specifics.” Oliver kept one hand on Silas’ shoulder and held the paper up to eye level with the other.

“Bondage. I know you’re okay with public bondage but it doesn’t say anything about in private scenes.”

“That’s because Mistress Tara doesn’t allow Daniel and I to do private scenes. All scenes must take place in the public areas of the club to make sure we don’t panic and the Dom doesn’t notice.”

Oliver frowned thoughtfully. “Well, you’re in a new contract now with me. So, what are your views on private bondage now?”

Silas’ head tilted to the side as he seemed to think hard. “On club premises or off site, Sir?”

Oliver held in a smile. His boy was smart and was obviously taking this seriously. Good!


“Um, I don’t think I would be comfortable with being restrained anywhere that there were no witnesses. It’s not that I don’t trust you, Sir,” Silas hastened to add. “But, I haven’t really known you that long and I think it would be stupid of me to allow it.”

Oliver dropped a kiss onto Silas’ startled face. “That was the perfect answer. Now, onto pain. I see—”

A muffled commotion interrupted Oliver and then an alarm sounding made both jump up and run for the door.

“That’s the fire door being opened. Head for the dungeon room.” Oliver’s heart was thumping. What had happened this time?

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  1. Judy Stone says:

    Ouch…now I have to wait for the next chapter. You are such a tease!


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