Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36


Daniel was dead. He must be, because he felt like he was in heaven.

Carlos’ lips felt soft and his tongue…oh God…his tongue felt wonderful exploring Daniel’s mouth as though he had every right—which of course he did. Daniel melted against the strong chest of his master. He felt safe and, dare he even think it? Loved.



Carlos had to keep from pinching himself. His boy was melded to him like a second skin and the moans being fed into his mouth were arousing him beyond anything he’d ever felt. All he wanted was to bend Daniel over the nearest flat surface, but he kept reminding himself to go slow and to cherish what his boy was allowing. This was a huge step for the young man and Carlos wasn’t going to risk losing the progress they’d made together, for a quick fuck.

Pulling away to take a much-needed breath Carlos rained soft kisses down Daniel’s jaw and withheld a victory crow when Daniel tilted his neck to offer more skin to kiss. He dropped his hands to Daniel’s shoulders and ran them down his back. He was almost to his ass when a shout ran out echoing around the dungeon.

“What the hell is going on here?”

Toby entered the room as Daniel pulled away from Carlos in shock. Carlos scowled as the dazed look in Daniel’s eyes was quickly replaced by guilt and fear.

“The club isn’t open for another two hours. Shouldn’t you be training him to help you behind the bar? Not taking liberties that I know are on his limits list, because I helped him to fill it in.” Toby was so close to Carlos that Carlos couldn’t see where Daniel was and he was getting annoyed at the constant interference of the older triplet.

“Kissing is on his soft limits list,” Carlos retorted trying to keep a hold of his patience. He knew if he alienated Toby Daniel may eventually be forced to side with his brother. “And as for training Daniel. I don’t need to. He is a natural at the bar work and has even created some new drinks that the customers love.

“You should give your brother more credit to know his own mind. He isn’t a child. He can make his own decisions on whether to let me kiss him or not.”

“I’ve been looking after my brothers longer than you. I know them and what they need. Daniel does not need you pawing him. He needs to be loved and cared for. He is not here for you to—”

“Stop it!” Daniel shouted cutting Toby’s rant off. “Just shut up. You don’t know what I need and more importantly you don’t know what I want.” Tears were streaming down Daniel’s face, but when Carlos and Toby moved nearer he shook his head and moved away, sliding along the wall. “I just want to be normal. I was enjoying being kissed for the first time. Do you really think any of the bastards that used Silas and I took the time to kiss us? Why? Why do you always have to treat us as though we’re made of glass? We survived. We’re here now and we want to move on. You have to let go. If you keep trying to restrict us you’re going to lose us completely.”

With his last words Daniel turned and ran. Carlos reached out as he passed but missed by inches, he was still trying to process the fact Daniel hadn’t been kissed. Before he could take two steps Daniel had hit the fire exit at full speed and the door crashed open setting off the warning alarm. When Carlos reached the door Daniel was already out of sight. He rounded on Toby and swung catching the smaller man square on the jaw.

“You fucking idiot. Look what you’ve done now. I asked his permission. He said I could kiss him. I know you think I’m one of those people that gets off by whipping defenseless young men but I actually care for your brother and I want to look after him.

“You’re the one that’s holding him back. You need to—”

The door to the dungeon crashed open again and Oliver ran in followed closely by Silas.

“What the hell happened in here?” Oliver demanded.

“Where’s Daniel?” Silas asked at the same time.

“Well, um…” Toby hesitated and Carlos thought he knew how the man felt. Silas was going to be livid with them both.

“Where’s Daniel?” Silas repeated in a low growl.

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