Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 37

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Chapter  37


Daniel ran for a couple of blocks before had to slow to catch his breath. How could Toby? How could he embarrass him like that? That kiss had been magnificent and Toby had had to spoil it—again.

He looked around and saw he’d ended up near the entrance to a park. Deciding he needed space and quiet he headed in the entrance. The moonlight was reflecting off the trees and casting shadows over the ground. As he went deeper the darkness became more complete, the trees getting denser and blocking off even the smallest slither of moonlight. The sounds of small animals he’d head when he first entered died out and he was left walking complete silence, broken only by the sound of his footfalls on the hard ground.

What had started out as a great idea was starting to freak him out. shivering in the cool night air Daniel was grateful he’d not gotten changed into his club clothes before starting the cleaning. He had, however, left his coat behind. The thin sleeves of his button-down shirt were no defense and he thought it was time to think about finding shelter.

He didn’t want to go back to the club. He also didn’t want to head home. Those were the first places people were going to start looking for him and he just wanted to be alone. He wanted to have time to think and plan. He could find a motel or hotel room. he reached for his phone to check nearby locations. Only to find he didn’t have it. Cursing he realized he must have dropped it when he ran or in the club. He hoped it was in the club. He’d just got it set up how he wanted it. It was also the third phone he’d had since Toby rescued them. he was great at leaving things in places they shouldn’t be. The fridge, the bathroom, the bus…oh, and the oven on one occasion—that was still a mystery and Daniel still maintained that Silas must have had something to do with it. Of course a quick check showed he also didn’t have his wallet either.

Sitting on a bench Daniel dropped his head into his hands. What was he going to do? He had no money and no way of contacting anyone. Stupid! Why did he run? Why didn’t just punch Toby as Silas would have done. He could have knocked the stupid jerk to the floor and given him the beating he’d had coming for a while. Maybe then Toby would remember that his brothers were the same age as him and that they’d been made stronger for what they’d been through. Toby may have been on some secret government team. But, he and Silas had had to learn to cope alone. They were rarely allowed private time together and so they hadn’t been able to help each other bear the load of what was happening.

Daniel thought a while and thought perhaps he should retrace his steps. There must be a corner shop or a late-night café around somewhere. If he really had to maybe he could go all the way back the club.

Getting up he turned back the way he’d come when a hand came from behind him and clamped down on his mouth.

“Well, well, Boy. I have you all to myself now, don’t I?”

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