Wednesday Brief – Chapter 39

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Prompt used this week

Picture of a volcano erupting.

Chapter 39


Toby glared at Silas. “How is any of this my fault? You both told me how the Doms had to respect your limits. I even helped you both write your limit lists.” Toby was furious, he had done the right thing, he was sure of that.

“I also explained the difference between hard limits and soft limits. Our masters are meant to push our soft limits. If Daniel had wanted to stop he only had to safe word.”

Ha, now he had Silas. “How?” he demanded. “Last I knew you needed your mouth free to speak. How was he meant to safe word with that idiot’s mouth fused over his? He didn’t even have any sort of item to drop.”

Carlos let out a roar from Toby’s left making him flinch. “He could have just pushed me away. Do I really strike you as the kind of guy to force someone?” Before Toby could snark out a reply to that Carlos continued, “Actually don’t answer that. You’ve never thought much of me, have you? I’m just one of those men that likes to beat other men. Let me explain a few things. All Daniel had to do was push me away. Even the slightest resistance would have caused me to stop and ask what was wrong. I wanted to push him, not traumatize him. You seem to do a good job of that yourself.”

“How dare you.” Toby lunged. He intended to beat the shit out of the loud mouth bastard, but he had forgotten he guy was ex-military. Carlos dodged grabbed Toby as he came at him again and pinned him to the ground.

Toby snarled and flailed, but couldn’t shift the big, black elephant off himself. What did Carlos weigh?

Just as he thought he was going to pass out, Carlos moved. He wheezed and glared at a snickering Carlos.

“Have you two quite finished?” Silas’ angry voice made Toby wince. “Daniel is outside wandering around. In the dark. Alone. And if you have forgotten there is a killer loose and looking for his next victim. Now, Toby get up and start doing your job. And as for you.” He rounded on Carlos. “You can stop winding him up and start thinking about the fact your sub ran out the door instead of looking to you for comfort. Why didn’t Daniel let you handle Toby? Why didn’t he wait to see how you would react, before he yelled? You need to do some serious thinking about what you’re going to do when we find him.”

Toby was shocked. When had his brother grown up? Although technically that were all the same age Toby had always been the leader. When had his brothers stopped needing him? Maybe he should just—

“Toby!” Silas yelled again. Seemed he was getting yelled at a lot, and Silas was starting to resemble an erupting volcano. “You’re the expert on this sort of thing. How do we find Daniel before the killer does? What if he’s been watching the club still? What if he followed Daniel when he left? What if—

Silas broke off when Oliver put a hand on the back of his neck. Turning into Oliver’s chest Silas broke down. Oliver glared at Toby and Carlos. “Since you two are finally finished upsetting everyone. Will one of you answer my boy’s question? How are we going to find Daniel?”

“I have a way to find him” Toby said and everyone’s gazes swung to him.

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