Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 40

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Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and that you are all slowly recovering from the overeating (and I’m sure in at least a few cases, the over drinking).

No prompt this week and as always please feel free to leave, comments, suggestions, and corrections. And please check out the other authors posting at the end of this post.

Chapter 40


Kevin. What was he doing back?

Daniel watched as Kevin approached and hoped that his face didn’t show how scared he was. He knew the bastard would feed on his fear. He wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.

“So, boy. Now I have you back you’re going to tell me what happened to your Master. Harold disappeared off the face of the earth and your brother just happened to turn up at exactly the same time. You and Silas are now running around whoring yourselves out at that disgusting club and Harold hasn’t contacted me for over a year. Now, where is he?”

Daniel was trying hard not to let his face change. How could Kevin not know Harold was dead? Surely the police had found the body and done an investigation? He knew Toby had shielded him and Silas from the TV and papers for months after their rescue, and no police had ever come to talk to them. But, there must have been an investigation. Mustn’t there?

If he told Kevin Harold was dead he didn’t want to think about the consequences, so he stared at his onetime guardian and lied like he never had before. “I’m sorry but I haven’t seen Harold since Toby came for us. The dungeon was in the basement and we got out as quickly as we could. We had no reason to want to see him.”

Even though he’d been half expecting, the backhander still snapped his head to the side hard. “I don’t believe you,” Kevin snapped. He moved to the side and picked up a long bull whip.

Daniel swallowed and decided to revert to his idea of channeling his inner Silas. Twisting his face into what he hoped looked like a sneer he laughed. “You really think I’m not used to taking the whip by now? Harold was very fond of his whip. Of course, he liked to fuck me while he was doing it. Is that what you’re going to do?”

Just keep stalling him. Daniel kept repeating it in his head, praying people were on their way.

“You little brat.” Kevin gave him another backhander and stormed out of the room.

Daniel breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t know what had made Kevin storm off instead of whipping him bloody, but he’d take his wins where he could.

Thinking hard he tried to make sense of what he’d learned. If Kevin didn’t know Harold was dead, then what the hell had happened after Toby killed the bastard? Come to think of it, why didn’t the police insist on talking to him and Silas? Even after all this time he should have heard something, seen something on the internet.

Sighing he let his head fall back and closed his eyes. He almost wished he was still blindfolded, at least it would have blocked out the irritating bright lights.

What was going to happen next? He was a genius, he should be able to figure this out. He had to stay alive until the others could come and get him. They would come and get him.

The sound of footsteps returning made him wince; he’d thought he would have bought more time than that. Oh, well, better get over it and man up. He was on his own this time.

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