Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 41

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Prompt used this week

Anyone have a light?

Chapter 41


Silas didn’t like the idea he had forming. “How? How can you find him?” he demanded of Toby.

Toby had the grace to look guilty. “I—Um—may have—kinda—well….”

“Spit it out will you,” Silas snapped. “Time’s a wasting.”

“I had a doctor friend put tracking devices in your arms when you were in hospital.” He spoke so fast the words blurred. “Kevin is still out there somewhere. How was I to know if he would come after you both again?”

Silas was furious. “That’s your excuse? You do remember that little thing called the law, don’t you? It’s against the law to track someone without their knowledge. Unless they’re a criminal, of course, and even then, you need a court order.”

“Look can we find Daniel first and worry about the legalities later?” Carlos pleaded. He turned to Toby. “What do we need to track his signal?”


Toby shook himself and pushed his upset at angering his brother aside to deal with later. “I need to go home and get my other cell phone. It’s a satellite one and has a special app on it to track both signals.”

“So, what are we standing around here for?” Silas demanded and ran for the door. Toby shot out a hand as Silas passed and grabbed onto the first thing he could, Silas’ hair.

“We are going to go together. No one is going off halfcocked alone. That is exactly what got Daniel into this mess in the first place. My car is out front, let’s go.”

Silas snarled at him when he let go of his brother’s hair, but moved as ordered toward the front doors.


Home was dark and quiet. Toby didn’t like the quiet, it reminded him of when he’d thought he’d lost his bothers. He ran up the stairs two at a time and grabbed the phone hidden under the false bottom of a drawer by his bedside.

He turned it on as he returned downstairs to the others. The phone seemed to take an age to power up and then for the app to load and find the requested signal. A low beeping filled the silent entrance hall and Toby looked up with a grin.

“I have a signal.” He tapped a few buttons and led the way out the front door and back to his car. “It’s a faint signal, I think he’s in a basement. Luckily, it must not be lead lined—or anything similar—or the signal would have been blocked.”

In the car he hit the ignition and tapped buttons until the phone was connected to the sat nav. At the end of the road turn right, came the computerized female voice and Toby put his foot flat on the gas.

“How far away is he?” Silas asked, still struggling to get his seatbelt on as Toby swung round corners at top speed in response to the directions being given.

“About ten minutes away,” Toby answered, and yanked the wheel to swing round the next corner on two wheels. He was aware of the others in the back, especially Carlos. If they got out of this he really owed the guy an apology. He didn’t like apologizing, but if he wanted to keep his brothers talking to him…

He almost laughed when he heard Oliver muttering something that sounded like “Does anyone have a light?” But, his attention was on the road and getting them to Daniel as fast as was humanly possible.

He pulled up to an abandoned industrial estate as the sat nav declared, You have reached your destination.

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