Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

Daniel sighed when the door opened to admit Kevin again. He’d thought he would get longer to regroup and think up a new set of plans. But, that’s life. He was about to make some comment when another man joined Kevin.

The hair was different and the face was thinner, but those eyes. He would never forget those eyes.

“You,” Daniel snarled.

“Yes, me,” the man drawled. “I believe we have unfinished business, Silas.”

Daniel froze then flicked a glance at Kevin. One look at the man’s sickly expression and, yep, Daniel realized the old man had once again gotten them mixed up. Kevin would have realized his mistake as soon as he undressed Daniel. The birthmark on his ass was the only thing he didn’t share with his brothers. Now he had a choice. Let on who he was or play along. Making a decision he turned back to the stranger.

Channeling his inner Silas, he grinned. “You’re the asshole who whipped my brother—you don’t mind me naming you asshole do you? Since we haven’t been introduced.

“I suppose I should congratulate you. At least you got the right brother this time. Of course, you did have help, so maybe you aren’t that smart after all. You are—”

He was cut off by a backhander that made the cut on his lip reopen. He wrinkled his nose when Asshole got right up into his face. God, that bastard’s breath stank of stale beer.

“You are just another little stuck up brat that thinks he’s better than everyone else. Twinks like you who think their shit don’t smell and that they have the right to refuse when a master tells them what to do. Well, you are going to do exactly as I say and if you don’t you can follow all the little twink failures that came before you.”

Daniel felt the panic trying to rise up and suffocate him, he ruthlessly pushed it down and gave the man his best snotty look. “Dude. You know if you’re going to get that close at least suck a breath mint first. Eau de beer? Not an attractive scent.”

The comment earned him a fist to the guts that left him gasping and his eyes watering. However, Asshole moved back and paced the small room ranting and waving his hands.

Daniel took the opportunity to look over his captors. Kevin hadn’t changed much. There was more grey in his black hair but otherwise he looked as healthy as ever. As for the unknown man; he had black hair—obviously dyed from the grey it had been at the club—and a thin face. He was taller than Daniel—but, then most men were. He also had piercing grey eyes. The sort of eyes that burned into you and made you feel naked, even when you were fully clothed.

“Jasper, come on. Don’t let the little slut get to you. He’s just trying to make you too angry to give him the whipping he deserves.”

Daniel scowled at Kevin. The idiot grabs the wrong person and Daniel should take the brunt of his partner’s anger? No way.

“Of course, Kevin here just wants you to not notice you’ve the wr—”

Shock froze everyone in the room when a loud crash came from somewhere above them. Before anyone could move, the door burst inwards.

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