Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 43

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I apologize for missing last week, but when I first wrote this chapter I reread it and realized I had muddled up a few characters and had a couple of continuity issues. All fixed now and so on with the story.

No prompt used this week

Chapter 43


Toby ran ahead of the others and ignored Carlos’ call that they should all stick together. He cleared room after room until he heard faint voices.

He found the door and wasted no time in kicking it open. He took bare moments to take in the situation.

Daniel was tied to what looked like some sort of metal medical bed. His hands and feet were chained and he look pissed.

He took aim at the jerk that held a whip ready over his brother.

“Drop it and maybe you’ll live,” he snarled at the stranger.

A hit to the back of his head caused him to fall to the floor cursing. How hadn’t he noticed another person in the room?

“Toby?” Daniel’s pain filled cry shot through Toby and stiffened his spine. His brother was more important than any pain he ended up with. He swung round and saw a man he’d thought was long gone.

“How are you still alive?” Toby blurted out, then rolled to avoid another blow.

“Where is Harold?” Kevin snarled at him. The man’s eyes looked crazed and Toby wasn’t sure how aware the maniac was of what was going on around him.

He assessed the situation and dismissed any thought that this bastard would leave them alone if he got out alive with, or without, Daniel.

“Say hello to Harold when you get to hell.”

He saw the realization dawn in his enemy’s eyes seconds before he fell to the concrete floor with a bullet hole dead center in his forehead.

The sound of footsteps echoed down the hallway. Toby wished again that he hadn’t left the others behind. He turned to face the other man but was too late…again. The whip slashed across the back of skull, missing his neck by millimeters.

He had time to hear shouting start up and recognize Silas’ voice before his vision went black.


Carlos burst into the room with the others close behind him. He wasn’t in time to stop Toby from being knocked down and made a grab for Silas as he tried to run to his brother screaming. It took a bare amount of his strength to throw Silas backwards to be caught by Oliver while he put two shots in the whip wielding jerk across the room. The man dropped to join his partner with one shot to the forehead and another to the chest. Neither man would be getting back up.

Carlos sighed, taking a life was never a good thing, but sometimes it was the only safe course to take.

Silas ran passed him and dropped by his brother. Oliver was already moving to Daniel. Carlos joined Silas and saw Toby’s eyes fluttering slowly.

“Speed dial three. Tell them T-Bird needs a clean-up crew and give them this address.” The words were whispered and, after Toby pressed a phone into Carlos’ hand, he closed his eyes again.

“Toby! Toby! You wake up this instant,” Silas yelled.

Carlos felt for a pulse and found it strong. “He’s fine, boy. Just unconscious. Let the medics deal with him when they get here.”

Looking at the phone in his hand he hit the screen and wasn’t surprised when it asked for a code.

“Three, four, one, four,” Silas muttered. Carlos must have looked confused because Silas elaborated. “Three brothers, all four as one, four-ever. The code for his phone is; three, four, one, four.”

Carlos tapped in the code and quickly navigated to the phone pad and pressed speed dial three. As an afterthought, he put it on loud speaker.

After two rings a deep voice answered. “Speak!”

Taken aback Carlos’ mind went blank for a few seconds before he pulled himself together. “T-Bird needs a clean-up crew at…” he rattled off the address and was stumped when he just heard the hang up tone, then the phone went back to the home screen.

Seemed all there was to do was wait and see who they’d just called.

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