Wednesday Brief – Chapter 44

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Prompt used:

“You’re just a big teddy bear, aren’t you.”

Chapter 44


“You’re just a big teddy bear, aren’t you?” Carlos looked up and grinned at Daniel’s comment. Snuggled together on a couch in a nearby room they’d found, Carlos was close to dozing off.

His heart had almost stopped when he’d entered that room, but his medic training had kicked in and since Daniel was yelling for his brother Carlos had seen to Toby first.

The cleaning crew had unceremoniously kicked them out of the room as soon as they arrived, with orders to not leave the building.

Oliver was trying to convince Silas the people must know what they were doing if Toby said to call them and Silas should stay in the room with them. Silas on the other hand wanted to go and demand answers.

Carlos was on the verge of agreeing with the hysterical young man when the door swung open and admitted an explosion of color.

“How is everyone doing?” The colorful medic who had introduced herself as Sherri bounced around like a toddler high on sugar.

“Where’s my brother?” Silas demanded finally breaking free of Oliver’s grip and rushing the girl.

Carlos missed as he grabbed for him but he needn’t have worried. Sherri grabbed Silas’ arm and had him in a binding hug in three seconds flat.

“Calm down, or I will sedate you and you won’t find out how Toby is.” Her voice had gone from cheerful to dead serious in a blink of an eye and Carlos shuddered.

Silas sagged and Oliver rushed over to scoop him up and brought him to join Daniel and Carlos.

Sherri watched them for a few moments before speaking. “Toby is still unconscious.” She held up a hand as soon as Daniel and Silas started simultaneously asking questions. “He’s stable and to be honest I’ve seen him in worse condition, so he will be fine. It just may be a while until he wakes up. We’ll be taking you all to a secure facility, where you can be checked out and debriefed. Terry is dealing with the cameras in the area, and Xavier is cleaning up all evidence anyone was here. Be ready to leave as soon as they’re done; I want to get Toby to a proper bed soon.”

She spun on her heel and left everyone in a stunned silence, closing the door quietly.

“She’s scary. I’m so glad I’m gay.” Oliver’s whispered words broke the tension and all four men laughed.

“Toby has so many questions to answer when he wakes up,” Silas muttered as he cuddled closer to Oliver.

Carlos agreed. There were a lot of things that needed explaining. Like who were this team, and why was Toby still in contact with them?

Daniel had told them everything that had been said in the room and Carlos agreed with Oliver this team must have had something to do with the body of Harold disappearing so completely.

An eternity seemed to pass. Daniel and Silas were dozing on the couch when a large intimidating man strode into the room.

It took a moment for Carlos to pull up a name, his brain was ready to shut down he was so tired. Xavier swept the room with a piercing gaze before barking out a short order, “Follow me, a car is waiting for us.”

Carlos exchanged glances with Oliver and shrugged. What could they do but follow the order? The brothers wanted to go with Toby, and they’d been made to hand over their weapons already, so they had no way of forcing any information out of anyone.

With a dual sigh both Masters picked up their boys and followed Xavier into the unknown.

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