Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 45

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“Give me one of those, will you?”

Chapter 45


Daniel looked around and wondered when he’d wandered into wonderland. His brother apparently had a team that knew how to clean a crime scene so well no one would ever know anything had happened there. The same team had apparently rescued him and Silas from Harold. He really wished he remembered more of that night. Maybe then he wouldn’t feel so blindsided by all that had happened. And, of course, the cherry on the cake was the tracker Toby had had planted in his body. Had it helped find him? Yes. Did that make it okay? No!

Sighing he looked over at the bed that held still unconscious Toby. Carlos and Oliver had insisted on calling Tara, and the black woman sat beside the bed clasping Toby’s hand. She seemed to be whispering something, but Daniel couldn’t make out any of the words.

Sherri popped in and out of the room frequently to check Toby’s vitals and reassure them that he would be fine. Daniel couldn’t get any answers though. All Sherri would say was that he would have to wait until Toby woke up and ask him.

Why wouldn’t the idiot wake up?

Silas took out a bag of candies he’d talked Xavier into stopping and buying. Okay, maybe he started shouting louder and louder until Xavier gave in and sent Terry into a twenty-four-seven.

“Give me one of those, will you?” he asked holding his hand out. The sweet was strong and just what he needed to give his system a jolt and hopefully stay awake.

His body ached and his split lip, although it had stopped bleeding, still throbbed and stung when he tried to drink the coffee someone had thoughtfully provided. He knew if he gave into his body’s demands for sleep he would end up right back into that room. His only consolation was he’d fought back this time. He had hadn’t meekly let anything happen to him, or allowed himself to be cowed into obedience. His hits may have only been verbal, but they had still been hits and he’d take the win he was due.

“He’s waking up.” Tara’s shout pulled him from his thoughts and he joined the others in rushing to Toby’s side.


“What?” Toby blinked his eyes to bring everything into focus. Slowly the events lined up and he tried to look around for Daniel. The flare of pain in his head proclaimed that a huge mistake and he settled for calling to his brother.

“I’m here.” Daniel grabbed his hand and Toby settled instantly. He had his brother back where he belonged and that was the most important thing.

“So, Bro, you going to tell us who we’ve been being bossed around by for the last few hours?” Silas’ voice was cocky, but Toby could hear the uncertainty beneath it.

On a sigh, he started to explain. “Sherri, Terry, and Xavier are the team who would back me up when I was undercover. They were also, if you remember, with me when I got you two out of Harold’s place. Sherri is a medic, Terri is a computer specialist and Xavier is…well…let’s just call him a cleaner.”

He was contemplating how many details to give when the door opened to admit Sherri.

“You’re awake. It’s about time. You pulled me away from a good date with your call.” He chuckled at the fake pout on her face and instantly regretted it. Okay, no laughing, no moving, he was just going to keep as still as possible until the brass band in his head shut up.

Sherri checked his vitals and handed him a cup with some white pills in. He raised an eyebrow, but meekly took them at her glare. Sherri could fry any man with a look from fifty paces—or less on a good day.

“You need to rest. The whip you took the back of your head didn’t break the skin. Lucky for you the idiot panicked and didn’t even try and aim properly. You have a large lump and since you took several hits to the head in total, you’re going to need to be supervised for at least twenty four hours and woken every two to three hours to check you’re still aware of your surroundings.

“I believe this lady has agreed to watch over you and the other two big brutes have agreed to take your brothers home with them. Daniel is fine.” She must have seen the question he was about to ask and the argument because she continued. “He has a few bruises. The drugs are out of his system and he needs to eat and rest. He needs to be monitored to make sure he has no side effects. He has agreed to go with Oliver and since he and Carlos share a house, Silas is going with them. Now, have I missed anything.”

Mutely Toby shook his head, wincing again at the movement, and looked up to see Tara watching him. What was she doing there? He was too tired and sore to ask any more questions.

“No, that all sounds fine,” he said still watching Tara.

“Great, I’ll finalize all the details.” Sherri gave a decisive clap and wandered back out the door.

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