Update – and how I’ve decided to torture myself this time…. #DeChox #Sponsor

Hi, Everyone.

A writing update first.

My usual publisher Wayward Ink is currently on a break for the foreseeable future, due to staff illness. 

I wish the staff a swift recovery and will look forward to working with the company again as soon as it is up and running once more.

I have submitted a short story to another publisher, and I am awaiting a reply as we speak.

The rewrite of Andrew and Jamie’s story is almost complete. of course, I now have to find a publisher willing to take it. I’m not really interested in self-publishing this early in my writing career.

The triplets story is almost complete and I am already working on a plan for the next Wednesday briefs story. I’m hoping to get a head start and therefore not miss weeks this time round.

On to a personal update…

I have decided to take part in a DeChox, raising money for The British Heart Foundation.

For the entirety of March, I am not allowed to have any products that contain cocoa powder. That, of course, includes, chocolate, hot chocolate, anything containing choc chips, etc…

I am asking that if anyone wishes to support me and, through me, the cause, please sponsor me by clicking the link below. The donation can be made anonymously, via paypal, or credit/debit card. It is completely secure and the money goes directly to the charity, instead of me having to pay anything in.


A new chapter for the triplets will be up tomorrow. Until then, hope everyone is well and having a good week.




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