Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48


Daniel shivered at Carlos’ voice calling through the door.

“So, should we answer? Or should we see what he does if we ignore him?” Silas giggled against Daniel’s shoulder.

Daniel thought about it, then shook his head at his brother’s unrepentant grin. Raising his voice slightly Daniel called out, “We’re fine.”

“Call if you need anything,” Carlos said and they heard footsteps moving away from the door.

“What if, what we need is a cock up our ass?” Silas whispered.

Daniel let out a choking laugh, his brother always knew how to make him smile. “You’ve always liked a cock up your ass,” he teased shyly.

They were free!

It was just starting to sink in. They were free to live their lives however they wished. No more orders. No more punishments. No more expectations. And best of all, no more looking over their shoulders.

“You okay Danny?” Silas’ voice interrupted his thoughts.

Daniel shook his head to clear it and smiled. “Yes, I was just realizing how much is before us now.”

A knock interrupted whatever Silas was going to say in return.

“Are you two coming out anytime soon? Or are you asleep?”

Silas rolled his eyes and Daniel joined him.

“We’re coming,” he called out and looked at his pruning fingers. “Come on, Bro, I need you to help me get out.”

A few painful moves later saw warm towels wrapped around both of them. Silas turned the lock and led the way out.


Carlos jerked when he heard the lock snick open and moved away from the door as Silas, then Daniel appeared.

Daniel had a towel around his hips and a second round his shoulders. The exposed patches of skin Carlos could see had darkening bruises covering them. he clenched his teeth as anger ripped through him again. He’d already beat up the punching bag in the basement while the brothers bathed. He wished he could bring the bastards back to life and kill them time and time again. They both deserved to suffer more than they had, a quick death had been too good for them.

Silas clearing his throat brought Carlos’ attention back to why he was there. “When you’ve stopped perving on my brother’s ass, do you think we could get some clothes to sleep in?”

Carlos spun to star at the small man. Had he really just said that? A flick of Silas’ eyes sent Carlos’ gaze to Daniela and his heart stopped. Daniel was blushing a deep red, almost matching his hair. He was gorgeous. No man Carlos had ever met looked better than his boy.

“I, um, have some T-shirts here that should do for sleeping.” He turned to where he’d dropped a pile of clothes. “This one’s mine,” he said as he handed a faded grey military T-shirt to Daniel. “And this one is Oliver’s. He wanted me to give it to you.” The one he handed to Silas was red and read I’m sexy and I know it, on the front.

Silas laughed delightedly and dropped the towel’s in a pile to pull on the top. It covered him to mid-thigh and he headed for the bed.

Carlos turned to check on Daniel and damn near swallowed his tongue. Daniel had dropped the towels and tried to pull the top over his head. But, he’d got the shirt twisted and stuck.

“Daniel, I’m just going to untangle you okay?” Carlos waited for the clothed covered head to nod before he touched his boy.

A few pulls and Daniel’s red face popped through the top. After smoothing the shirt down Carlos dropped a kiss on his boys startled nose and hustled him into bed with his brother.

Making sure both boys were tucked in Carlos took his leave.

“Oliver’s room is outside and to the left, and mine is to the right. Just call or knock if you need us.”

He headed out the door before he could give in to temptation and get in to cuddle with Daniel.


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