Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 49

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Chapter 49


Daniel felt like he was floating. He was comfortable and could feel Silas curled up behind him, gently snoring into his neck. He stiffened at the sound of the door opening, only relaxing when he recognized Oliver’s whispering voice.

“They look cute, don’t they?” Oliver was saying.

“Yeah, so innocent too. Like butter wouldn’t melt.” Carlos’ voice agreed. “Let’s let them sleep. I’m sure they’re exhausted.”

The door shut and Daniel closed his eyes.

“They’re sweet. But, did they really think they could sneak in and us not realize.” Silas’ voice sounded amused.

“They don’t know we’ve had to be so vigilant in the past. Let them keep their idea that we’re just innocent and cute. I think I like being considered cute.”

Silas chuckled and Daniel let sleep take him in its sweet embrace once more.


“So, what do we do now?” Oliver asked.

Carlos looked up from the brandy he was swirling in his glass. “What do you mean?”

“About the boys. They only agreed for us to be their Masters while they needed protecting from the serial killer. Now, he’s dead. So, as I said, what do we do now?”

Shock ran through Carlos’ body at Oliver’s words. He couldn’t lose his boy. He’d only just got him to start opening up to him. He wanted to be the one to teach Daniel how it felt to be cared for, pampered, and…loved.

His shock tripled. He loved Daniel. There was no doubt left in his mind. He was not going to lose his boy.

Carlos glanced at his friend and saw him still waiting for an answer. “What do you want to do?” he didn’t want to be the first to lay his feelings out on the table.

Oliver took a swig of his beer and seemed to think long and hard before he answered. “I want to keep Silas. Not only as my boy. I want him as my partner in life.”

Carlos nodded. “I feel the same. The question now is, what do we tell them? And how do we convince them to stay with us?”

“We could ask them out on a proper date, lay it all out, and ask them to stay with us.”

“But, what I they say no?”

Carlos suppressed a laugh at his friend’s face. Oliver looked like a puppy about to lose his favorite toy.

“We can’t just order them to date us.” Carlos laughed shaking his head.

“Why, not?” Oliver sounded like a petulant child now and Carlos found himself transported back to their teenage years when he was always the one to bring a healthy dose of reality into his friend’s wacky ideas.

“Because we don’t own them. Not really. Our only hope is to seduce and conquer.” Carlos waited for Oliver’s nod before continuing, “So, we’ve had a few weeks to get to know the boys, what do you think they’ll enjoy?”

“Silas likes the movies and reading, oh, and math’s.”

“Math’s?” Carlos asked incredulously.

“What?” Oliver’s tone was defensive. “He does like maths. He’s a math’s genius.”

Carlos finally lost the fight and started chuckling. Everything bubbled up and overflowed. All the worry, all the rushing about, everything. the laugh took on a hysterical edge and before he realized what had happened Oliver had him wrapped in his arms and both were in tears.

When the tears stopped he felt better than he had in days.


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