Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 51

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Prompt used:

“You make me tingle every time you look at me.”

Chapter 51


“We’re what?” Daniel exclaimed as Silas just sat on the bed grinning.

“We’re going to the movies tonight. Our masters are paying and we’re meeting Toby and Tara there too.”

“Bro, look at me.” Daniel gestured to his face. He knew he had two black eyes and his bottom lip had a painful scab. The rest of his body wasn’t much better off and he had to wear long sleeves to cover the marks left by the cuffs. “I still look like I’ve gone ten rounds in the boxing ring…and lost!

Master Carlos isn’t going to want to be seen with me looking like this. I mean I wasn’t that good looking to begin with. Now? I must look a right sight. What master is going to want a boy that looks like me?”

Daniel could feel the telltale prickling in his eyes and squeezed them shut against the threatening tears.


Daniel jumped at the loud statement, and spun to find himself face to chest with Carlos. Two strong hands landed on his shoulders holding him close.

He felt Carlos bend close and his warm breath tickled Daniel’s ear as he spoke.

“You are as stunning now as you were when I first set eyes on you, spread out on the couch, recovering from taking a whipping.

“I want you even more now than I did then. The more I’ve found out about you, the more beautiful I’ve found you to be.”

By the time Carlos had finished speaking Daniel had relaxed completely into the strong chest under his cheek.


Grinned at the top of Daniel’s head as his boy slowly went pliant in his arms. He nodded briefly at Silas as the other boy slipped out, no doubt going to look for Oliver. The boy was in for a surprise when he realized Oliver was just outside waiting for him.

“So, what is this nonsense about how you look and me not wanting you?” Carlos kept his voice light, but he still felt Daniel stiffen in his arms. Scanning the room, he decided on the best option and maneuvered them carefully nearer to the bed. As soon as he was within reach he sat and pulled his boy into his lap. He was damn sure they wouldn’t leave the room until his boy knew who wanted him and who he belonged to.

He was so busy trying to think of what to say that he almost missed Daniel’s whisper.

“It was only supposed to be temporary.”

“What was, boy?”

“Our contract. It was only supposed to be temporary. Just while Toby was trying to find the psycho that was going after the subs.”

“Do you want our contract to end now?” Carlos held his breath as he waited for Daniel’s reply. This reply would tell him how much work he had ahead of him to win and keep his boy.

“You make me tingle every time you look at me.”

Carlos frowned. As wonderful as the compliment was it didn’t answer his question. He was about to speak when Daniel continued.

“You were the first man to give me a choice. You were my first kiss and my you done more for my confidence in the last few weeks than therapy has in the last year. If you’ll have me I would like to see where we can go from here.”

Carlos held in a yell of triumph for fear of startling Daniel, but he knew exactly how to answer his boy’s beautiful speech. He tipped Daniel’s head up so their eyes met and moved slowly, giving Daniel the chance to move if he wanted to. A sigh ghosted over his lips as the met in the tenderest kiss he’d ever shared with another person.

This was exactly where his boy needed to be and this is exactly where his boy was going to stay.

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