Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 52

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I am so sorry I missed that last two weeks. But, the Easter holidays are always hectic, with my daughter and work.

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Chapter 52


Silas let out a yelp as he ran straight into Oliver outside the bedroom door. What the hell was he doing standing around there?

“Sir?” What did Oliver want? Was he waiting for Silas?

“I was coming to speak to you,” Oliver said, and Silas slumped. Nothing good ever came from hearing those words. “Nothing bad.” Oliver hastened to add. “I just wanted to talk to you about…um…extending your contract.”

Silas felt his hope rise. “Extending? Sir?”

“Yes, I know you and Daniel just needed protection at first. But, I feel—and Carlos too—that we have all gotten closer. I wanted to ask you if you might…maybe…um…want to go and get coffee with me before we meet the others at the movies later.”

Silas almost chuckled at the uncertainty radiating off Oliver. He looked like he was waiting to hear sentence passed for some grievous crime. He waivered, wanting to tease the big Dom. But, finally, relented, not having the heart to torment him.

Sweeping a florid bow he grinned up into the shocked face of his—hopefully—soon-to-be permanent master. “I would be honored to join you for refreshments, my master.”

Oliver’s face split into a wide grin and Silas let out another yelp as Oliver swept him up into soft, breath stealing kiss.


Why had he agreed to this? Silas wiped his sweaty hands on his jeans again. Agreeing to what was essentially a date with Oliver had been easy. The actuality of going on the date was, well, not.

The place Oliver decided on was near to the apartment, and for that Silas was grateful he didn’t want to be far from Daniel, not yet. He trusted Carlos, but he needed to be nearby for a while.

“So, what drink would you like?” Oliver had a hand on the small of Silas’ back and was ushering him into a corner booth at the back of the small coffee shop.

“Um,” Silas glanced at the menu painted on the wall, “I’ll have a skinny hazelnut latte, please.”

“Okay, back in a mo.”

Silas sat twisting his fingers together and watched as Oliver charmed the barista while the drinks were made. What should he talk about? What answers would Oliver want to hear? What would happen if he said the wrong thing? Would Oliver leave him? If Oliver went would Carlos leave Daniel too?

So many questions and so few answers.

He was so caught up in his spiraling thoughts that he didn’t hear Oliver bringing the drinks to the table.

“Penny for your thoughts,” Oliver’s amused voice shocked him back to the present.

Silas scrambled for something to say. “Um, I… I was wondering what you wanted to talk about, Sir?”

“Well, as I’ve already said, I want to look at extending our contract.” Silas nodded. “I also wanted to ask you if you would consider getting to know me better outside the club?”

Silas froze with his coffee almost at his lips. Get to know Oliver better? Outside the club? did the man want a fulltime sub? Or maybe some sort of 24/7 deal?

“I don’t know what you mean,” Silas muttered and took a sip of his delicious coffee.

“I mean I would like you to consider me as a partner as well as a master. I want to take you out. Be seen with you on my arm. Spend evenings watching movies and eating popcorn. And anything else you can think of that you’d want to do with your boyfriend.”

Boyfriend? Oliver wanted to be his boyfriend?

He had to say something. Anything. Now.

“Why?” Silas nearly thunked his head on the table in mortification. Here was his dream guy asking him out and he asks why.

Oliver’s answer had his head flying up and his mouth hanging open. He could have just said that. No way could he have just said that.

“Could-could you repeat that…please?” Silas wasn’t sure what he wanted to more. That he had heard right, or that he was mistaken.

“I said, because I love you.”

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