Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 54

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Chapter 54


Toby looked up and down the street before he checked his watched again and started pacing.

“Will you be still!” Tara grabbed his arm as he passed to pull him to her. He allowed her to wrap him in a loose hug and waited.

“There they are,” he exclaimed and pulled free of Tara to move swiftly to his brothers.

He was relieved to see Daniel was smiling, although the bruises still stood out stark against his skin. Without a word, Silas and Daniel held out their arms and Toby gratefully stepped into the group hug.

“I missed you both,” he whispered into their hair. Their arms tightened before letting go and both brother moved back to their…boyfriends? Toby didn’t know what to call the big men his brothers had paired up with. He did know that the two men would do anything to ensure Silas and Daniel were safe, and that made them the best for his brothers.

“We’re fine,” Silas answered. “We have these big lugs looking after us. They’re even more protective than you are. So, no probs there.”

Daniel nodded as he burrowed his way back into Carlos’ arms. Toby grinned and led the way into the movie theater.

The movie was hard to watch. He was trying not to notice his brothers’ boyfriends wandering hands but the way Silas kept giggling like a teenager and telling Oliver to pack it in was a dead giveaway.

On top of that Tara had decided to join the fun and a hand running up the inside of his thigh made him lose total track of what was shoeing on the big screen.


“That film was great, wasn’t it?” Oliver’s question met with glares from Toby, Silas, and Daniel. “What?” His attempt at an innocent expression was ruin by the trembling of his lips and the kiss he smacked onto Silas’ cheek when Silas just glared.

Toby grinned and leaned bac against Tara when she wrapped an arm around his middle. He could get used to being held all the time. He had always been the one to hold everything together. First his team, then his family. Having someone who only thought of him would be a different, a good different.

“Where next?” Tara asked.

“I know a small quiet bar near here.” Carlos offered.

The group agreed and headed down the street in pairs, laughing and joking as they went.



A few drinks later and Daniel felt like he was floating. He decided he liked the feeling, especially when he was curled up on Carlos’ lap safe and warm.

He caught bits and pieces of the conversation going on around him, but mostly he just absorbed the feeling of being with his now extended family.

“The boys will stay with us for now…They’re my brothers…They’re our boyfriends, and boys…Now look here you over grown…”

The argument pulled Daniel from his happy space when Carlos went to rise, obviously forgetting he had Daniel on his lap.

“Hey,” Daniel yelled as he threw his arms round Carlos’ neck to hold onto his perch.

“Sorry,” Carlos muttered glaring at Toby, but pulling Daniel back a more secure position.

“Cut out the yelling, and spoiling the evening. Silas and I are fine at Oliver and Carlos’ place. Toby, I t will give you time to heal and have some time to yourself. And it will give Silas and I time to get to know Oliver and Carlos better.” He saw the look in Toby’s eye and cut him off before he could speak. “No, I don’t mean that sort of getting to know them. if that happens it happens but I mean we just want to spend time with them. now grown up all of you and someone get another round in.”

Silas burst into giggles and Toby stomped off to the bar. Daniel burrowed back into his new favorite place and hummed in contentment.

This was the life….

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