Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 55

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Chapter 55


Carlos sighed as he sipped his coffee as he thought back over the last blissful month. Danial had fallen into the role of housekeeper like he was born to it. Oliver and Carlos had told him they’d help him find a job, or even start his own business, but his boy just wanted to serve.

Although Carlos had put his foot down and made sure Daniel had everything he needed – including setting aside time each day – to paint and create his artwork.

Daniel was the most talented artist Carlos had ever seen – and yes, he knew he was biased, but he didn’t care. Unknown to Daniel Carlos had taken some of his paintings, along with photos of others, to a local gallery. The owner had practically been drooling over the artwork and had demanded Carlos bring him ‘the creator of such magical work’.

So now Carlos was trying to figure a way to tell Daniel that not only had he shown his work o a stranger, but that stranger wanted to meet him – as soon as possible.

The back door opening brought Carlos out of his thoughts. Daniel entered looking as beautiful as always. Even fresh from the garden, covered in dirt, dressed in an old ripped shirt, and faded jeans, he took Carlos’ breath away.

“Hi, Sir. You’re back early. I haven’t started lunch yet.” Daniel spoke as he placed a few fresh veggies on the counter and moved to wash the dirt off his hands.

Carlos wrapped his arms around him from behind and kissed the back of his boy’s neck, eliciting a shiver. “Don’t worry. All I want for lunch is you.” He playfully nibbled on Daniel’s neck causing him to giggle sweetly.

“I’m not edible, Sir.” Daniel insisted squirming in a delightful way.

“Want to place bets on that?” Carlos challenged and turning Daniel around he dropped to his knees.

Carlos kept his gaze on Daniel and pinned him to the edge of the sink as he made short work of his boy’s ass hugging jeans and the latest slinky short he’d bought. Seeing Daniel’s hands twitch out of the corner of his eye Carlos moved to pin them both to the counter and glared up.

“No moving. No coming. No nothing. Unless I give permission. Understood?”

Daniel nodded mutely, his eyes had dilated and glazed over. Carlos had always scoffed st the masters that said going down on their sub was beneath them. Even on his knees, Carlos was in control. He gave only as much pleasure as he decided to give. And he took so much pleasure from seeing his boy coming part just for him.

Holding Daniel’s gaze tight with his he moved to take that sweet cock in his mouth. He relished the gasp he got and went to work. he sucked, licked, and nibbled until his boy was a quivering mess above him.

“Stop! Red!”

The second the words hit the air Carlos was up and holding Daniel tight in his arms.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?”

“I-I—“ Daniel swallowed before taking a deep breath. “I want you to make love to me. Please, Sir. I need you to replace the bad memories with good ones.”

Carlos looked into Daniel’s eyes and tried to decide what to do. His cock was all for taking Daniel up on the offer, right there and then. But, his larger brain was counseling caution. Was Daniel only trying to do what he thought his master wanted? Were they ready for this step?

“Please,” the whispered plea broke his resolve. Bending Carlos scooped Daniel up into his arms and headed for their bedroom. their first time together was not going to be in the kitchen, where Oliver or Silas could come home unexpectedly any moment.

In the bedroom, Carlos laid his precious cargo onto the bed. “Are you sure? You know I will stop at any time”

Daniel gave him a beautiful smile. “I know. I trust you, Sir.”

Carlos couldn’t have felt prouder of his boy in that moment if he’d tried.

“Okay then, just lay back and relax.”

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