Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 57

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Prompt used:

I didn’t choose  prompt this week as none seemed to fit the scene i wanted to protray.

Chapter 57


Daniel looked around the club. How could everything still look the same when he felt so different? In a few months his life had changed beyond recognition. He no longer had to fear anyone coming after him. He and Silas were safe and had new Masters who loved them and wanted what was best for them.

Daniel watched as Carlos demonstrated the right way to give an erotic spanking. Silas was obviously in heaven and only connected to earth via his Master’s hand landing at even intervals on his ass. His eyes looked glazed and he barely twitched as each strike landed.

When Carlos stopped Silas didn’t move and adaniel listened to Carlos’ lecture on checking regularly on a sub and checking they are able to safeword if they need to. He pointed out that since Silas was no longer responding when asked for a color as his master Carlos had taken the decision that the scene had ended.

“As a Master you are responsible for the welfare of any sub under your care,” Carlos continued to lecture as he ran a hand over Silas’ body soothing his boy. “Color boy,” he snapped out suddenly. Silas’ only reply was a moan that caused a ripple of chuckles to pass through the crowd. “When a sub is no longer able to articulate when asked a question all play must stop. Monitors roam the club at all times, they can will intervene at any time they feel a sub is being used beyond their limits or is unable to make a coherent choice to continue. Any Master breaking this rule or refusing to cooperate with the monitors will have their membership revoked and their name will be passed on to other clubs in the area. Safe. Sane. And Consensual. Those are the three things this club is built on. Now, I am going to see to my boy. The next demonstration is Shibari with Master Oliver and his boy Daniel. It starts in an hour, so fill your glasses and enjoy the music in the break.”

Daniel turned to glare at his Master. “You didn’t tell me we were down for a demo tonight.” He kept his tone low, he didn’t want to cause his Master any embarrassment.

“No, I didn’t. Because I wanted it to be a surprise. I have a lovely gold rope that is going to go beautifully against your skin. Let’s go and set up.”

“Yes, Sir.”



Oliver looked to Carlos as they both once again took the stage at the end of the night. “You sure about this?”

“Yes. It has to be now.” Carlos looked resolute, Oliver shrugged and moved to the edge of the stage.

“Friends, there is one more bit of business to take care of before the club closes for the night. Please welcome Master Carlos and his boy Silas back to the stage.”

There was clapping as Carlos moved forward and Silas accended the steps from the club floor. He knelt before his master and waited.

Carlos took the mic off Oliver and began to speak. “The bond between a Master and his or her sub is different depending on the couple. It can be temporary for the duration of a scene or specified contract term. Or it can be more permeant. I am here tonight to ask you all to witness as I ask my boy to accept a collar as a symbol of my pledge to look after him in all ways. I will push him when I feel he needs it, I will cherish him as he serves me, and finally I will love him as he deserves.”

He looked down into Silas’ wide eyes. A raised eye brow seemed to be all the boy needed to pull himself out of his shock.

“Sir, I would be honored to wear your collar. I will endeavor to serve you to the best of my abilities. I will always strive to be the best I can be for you and to obey you in all things.”

As he closed the collar over his boy’s neck Carlos bit his cheek to stop the tears he felt prickling his eyes. Master do not cry in public he chastised himself. There would be time for that later, in private. The love he felt for Silas in that moment defied description and the fact he could see the love shining in the gaze meeting his was the most perfect feeling in the world.

Now for the next part….

Looking over the cheering crowd Carlos called for order again. “As we all know society doesn’t yet understand the significance of a collar. They have their own prejudices and things they think of as normal. So, I have another question for my boy.” He looked at Silas and pulled in his courage. “Silas, you have agreed to obey me in all things. I therefore am giving you your first order as your now permeant Master.

“I am ordering you to marry me, as soon as can be arranged.”


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