Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58


Daniel watched as Oliver eagerly dragged Silas off the stage. He was happy for his brother, he really was. But, he couldn’t help but be jealous. Even though he knew that he wasn’t ready for that kind of advancement in his and Carlos’ relationship, it didn’t stop him being a bit envious.

“That will be us one day, boy.” Carlos’ whisper sent a shiver down his spine. “When you’re ready it will be you on your knees accepting my collar and then standing beside me as we marry. Until then I believe we have an appointment in one of the private rooms.”

Carlos led the way to the backroom and Daniel bit his lip as he wondered what his master had set up for him. He was sure he’d seen a few secret conversations between Carlos, Toby, and Silas. Just what had his brothers said about him?

He let out a gasp when he entered the room and saw the candlelight. There were at least a hundred little flames lighting the room. In the center of the room was a table set with plates of food and a bottle of something sitting a cooler. But the main attraction was the chair. There was only one chair and it had cuffs at the arms and legs. An envelope with Daniel’s name on it sat on the seat.

“Well, go on and open it, boy,” Carlos ordered.

Daniel tried to still his shaking as he reached for the letter and pulled the folded sheet of paper out.


You are cordially invited to a taste testing at the time and place of your master’s convenience.

You will be bound and blindfolded, at the mercy of your master until he decides to release you.

RSVP Immediately


Master Carlos

Daniel looked from the paper to his master.

“So, what’s your answer?”

Daniel bit his lip some more. Blindfolds had been a hard limit since he joined the club. He needed to be able to see who was doing what to him at any given time. But, he had discussed trying new things with Carlos. Was he ready for this?

He took a deep breath and nodded.

“Words boy. I need to hear you say you understand what you’re agreeing to.”

“I understand, Sir.”

“Your safe word is red and the audio monitoring in this room is still active—although the visual is off. That way you know someone else is listening out for you too.”

Daniel wanted to say he trusted Carlos without the audio monitoring, but he knew his master was trying to make him feel as safe as possible and so all he said was, “I understand, Sir.”

Daniel allowed himself to be lead to the chair and secured to it. Every time he felt his panic rising he concentrated on his Master’s touch and let the confidence of His movements ease his panic away.

He nearly called a halt when the blindfold slid over his eyes. The material was thick and snug fitting, it allowed no light in, even around the edges. He started to shake and only calmed when his master’s hand ran gently over his head and slid down to squeeze the back of his neck in reassurance.

His attention was then distracted by something cold and wet touching his lips. Opening his mouth he was treated to the sweetness of a ripe strawberry. Strawberries were his favorite fruit and he moaned his pleasure at the treat to his senses.

The next strawberry was covered in chocolate. His master took the time to lick the excess chocolate of his lips and draw him into a deep kiss. Before drawing away and offering up something else to Daniel’s lips.

Time took on no meaning as Daniel was fed all manner of fruit and other sweets foods, spaced out with sips of a sweet juice drink he couldn’t identify. All of them were his favorites and as least the question of what Toby and Silas had been saying was answered.

By the time his master removed the blindfold Daniel was full and sleepy from too much food. He watched as carlos moved around the room blowing out the candles and turning on some low level lamps. Daniel was then untied and led to a small couch to be curled into his master’s lap to rest.

The most important thing he heard as he drifted was a whispered, “Good Boy.”



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