Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 59

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Chapter 59

Two months later


“Are you sure you’re not rushing into this?” Daniel asked for the tenth time making Silas roll his eyes.

“Bro, we’ve spent our lives either rushing ahead of our peers or being held captive. I nearly lost you not long ago and it brought home to me that we need to grab every moment because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. I know Oliver loves me and I know I can trust him. I also know I love him and I need him. He stills the restlessness in me. With him I don’t need the pain to help me forget the bad times, I have him and any pain he gives me is for pleasure, or reward, now. He treats me as an equal with a mind of my own. He doesn’t think I’m a freak because of my love of pain. I wouldn’t say I’m over what happened, I don’t think I will ever be over everything that has happened to us. But, he—”

“Okay, okay, I get it,” Daniel chuckled. “I know what you mean. I trust Carlos as much I trust you and Toby. That is scary, but exhilarating at the same time. I’ve done things with him that should have had me running for the hills. But, I find myself discovering new things to enjoy and I’ve only had a handful of panic attacks so far. Carlos is able to switch instantly during a scene and has worked out ways to mostly calm me down before the attacks take hold. I know it’s going to be a long journey, but for once I can see light at the end of the long tunnel, instead of more darkness.”

Silas wiped a tear from his eye and pulled his brother in for a long hug. They had come so far from the boys that were left at the mercy of a monster. The work Toby had started by saving them from their Master was now being continued by Oliver and Carlos. Of course, it helped that their masters were both dishy. They’d gone from lonely young boys to men who had friends and people who loved them above all else.

The door opened and Toby entered. “What’s with the tears. Bro, it’s your wedding day tomorrow and tonight is your bachelor party.”

“Are you sure I should be doing this? I’ve never been to a club before. I don’t even know if I can dance.” Silas pulled at the shirt Toby had picked out for him and grimaced. The top was shiny and gold and had to be at least a size—if not two sizes—too small for him. when he’d pointed this out to his chuckling brothers they’d just laughed harder. Although, Daniel’s laughter had stopped when he saw that Toby had gotten him a matching outfit. Right down to the tight pants that left nothing to any imagination.

To chuckled out loud when a pillow hit him in the face.

“Stop laughing at me. I look ridiculous.” Daniel turned furiously to Toby. “You can’t actually expect us to go out looking like this, do you? What happened to the protective brother who wanted to keep us wrapped in cotton wool?”

Toby just smirked then shocked both Silas and Daniel with his next statement.

“Oh, I didn’t pick out the outfits. Your Masters did.”

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