Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 60

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Chapter 60


Silas looked around at the flashing lights and pounding music. There were so many people. The dance floor was packed and bodies were rubbing together as men and women alike danced for all they were worth.

Toby led the way to the bar and the three men tried to get the attention of the barman.

“Well, aren’t you a cute thing,” a voice slurred in Silas’ ear. Spinning Silas was confronted with a man that could make Pavarotti look anorexic. The smell nearly knocked Silas on his ass and moved back bumping into Daniel.

“What?” Daniel turned and seemed just as stunned by the attention they’d garnered.

“Wow, there’s two of you. I can do both of you. I got the stamina of a-a-a elefart…no an elefont…no no wait I got it…”

By now the boys were laughing and Toby had joined them with their drinks.

“Ooh, three of a kind.”

Toby took one look at his chortling brothers and shook his head. “Sorry, but we’re all taken. Maybe you should think about calling it a night.”

The man laughed good naturedly and staggered off.

Toby found them a table and Silas elbowed him. “Aw, bro, you lost me a sure thing there.” He then creased up when Toby went bright red, even in the dark of the club lighting.

After a few drinks Silas decided he wanted to dance. It took some convincing but he soon had Toby and Daniel twirling and bobbing. Soon a fine sheen of sweat coated them but Silas was having too much fun to stop and get a drink.

“Okay, I need to stop and catch my breath. Come on you two.” Toby dragged Silas with one hand and caught up Daniel with the other.

They crowded up to the bar and got fresh drinks. They stayed standing and downed them fast. Toby got more and they found an empty booth to sit at.

Toby sighed. “It’s so good to see you both happy and smiling. I can’t believe how much has happened since I found you both again. And now Silas is getting married. And you, Daniel, are settling down. And I’ve got Tara, we’re slowly getting to know each other. if anyone had told me this would be our future I would have laughed in their faces. Now, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

“A toast, to new beginnings and the putting the past where it belongs.”

All three raised their glasses and sipped.

Silas pouted until he finally got the others back on the dance floor. The music was loud and Silas was having the time of his life. The three of them dance together, blocking anyone who tried to get too close so they stayed in their own little world.

The music changed as the DJ announced the last set for the night. This set was slow and romantic and before the three could decide to leave or stay a familiar set of arms surrounded Silas from behind.

“May I have this dance, boy?”

Silas shivered as Oliver’s words were breathed across his neck. “Yes, Sir.”

He looked up briefly to see Carlos dancing with Daniel and Tara with Toby.

Now, this was the perfect night.

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