Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 63

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Chapter 63


Daniel watched Silas dancing with his master. Oliver led his boy around the dance floor with a calm confidence and they glided through the steps.

In contrast, Toby was dancing with Tara. Toby was obviously trying to lead, but so too was Tara. Daniel bit back a chuckle as Tara’s high heel stomped on Toby’s foot again, while Toby trod on Tara’s other foot.

Looking around the rest of the guests, Daniel saw more couples dancing and gazing into each other’s eyes. The moment was perfect. The only thing that could make it even better was—

“Why are you standing here alone and not on the dance floor on my arms?”

Daniel grinned as he turned to face his master. “You were busy, Sir.”

“Well, I’m not now.”

So saying, Carlos, pulled him into his arms and swept him onto the dance floor. Daniel relaxed and let himself be led in through the face paced dance. His master didn’t let him put a foot wrong, and he found himself laughing as he was spun and twirled.

After several dances, they headed, breathless, for the bar. “Get me a beer, boy,” Carlos ordered. “I’ll find us seats.”

Daniel got the barman’s attention and ordered the drinks. When they arrived he was about to head for Carlos when a hand on his shoulder made him jump.

“Let me take them for you little one. Where you headed with them?”

Daniel looked up into the face of one of the masters from the club. He remembered the man was always polite when he ordered from the club bar.

“I’m taking them to master Carlos, Sir. He said he was finding us seats.”

“Good, I needed a word with him. lead the way then.”

Daniel looked around and spotted Carlos at an out of the way table. He led the way with his helper following behind.

Carlos stood as they approached. “Brian, I didn’t see your name on the guest list.”

Brian set the drinks down. “I’m escorting Kerry and I wanted to catch you to make an appointment to meet with you, Oliver, and Tara at the club when Oliver is back from his honeymoon, of course. I want to offer a permanent contract to Kerry and want your advice and for you all to witness it for us.”

Carlos shook Brian’s hand with a big smile. “That will be great. I’ll call you when Oliver gets back and we’ll set up a time. Congratulations on finding the one you want to keep.”

Brian ambled off to find Kerry and Daniel snuggled up to Carlos sipping his drink.

“Nice to see another couple getting together. Soon all the Doms and subs will be matched. You should have opened a matchmaking service, Sir.”

Carlos chuckled and gave him a nip n the ear causing him to squeak. “The only couple I am interested in is us. I am going to work at making sure you never want to leave me.” Carlos ran his fingers through Daniel’s hair, making Daniel feel like purring. “I’m proud of you. You didn’t bat an eye at allowing Brian to help you with the drinks.”

“I recognized him from the club. And to be honest I feel safe now I know there’s no one else out there who wants to hurt me, or my family.”

“I’m still proud of you, love.”

Daniel blushed at the endearment.

Carlos chuckled before he continued whispering into Daniel’s ear. “Of course, all I want to do now is get you home to investigate how far down I can make you blush.”

Daniel turned to stare at his master and he didn’t know what Carlos saw on his face but the look of sheer want that took over Carlos’ face sent heat through Daniel.

Daniel hid a grin. “You know there’s some empty rooms out the back?”

The look of shock on his master’s face was worth the red Daniel knew was crawling up his face again.

“Lead the way boy.”

Daniel laughed and grabbed Carlos’ hand, pulling out of his chair and towards the door.

He let out a groan when Oliver’s voice sounded over the pa system. “Can I have everyone’s attention please?”

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