Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 66

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Chapter 66


When Daniel turned and pressed his back to Toby’s chest Toby wrapped him in his arms and held him close.

“I honestly don’t know what I did wrong.” Toby felt Daniel take a deep breath and he could hear the tears in his brother’s voice. He held him tighter as he continued his story. “Silas was right in what he told you. Carlos and I had sex. He was so gentle with me. I felt cherished and wanted. For the first time in my life, someone wasn’t using me just for their pleasure. Carlos took the time to make sure I enjoyed every part of what he did. He asked constantly what color I was at—I mean he asked if I was okay. He had me on edge until I was begging him to get on with it. When he took me it was slow and so, so, good.”

When Daniel paused Toby dropped a kiss on the back of his neck and waited.

“We fell asleep and I woke up first. It was getting late and I decided to cook dinner. I didn’t want to detour to my room so I borrowed one of Carlos’ shirts and a pair of boxers.  Silas found me in the kitchen and sort of deduced what had happened. He nearly made me burn the dinner,” the affront in Daniel’s voice made Toby grin. “Carlos came down just before I was going to call him. He seemed fine and said thank you for dinner. Then he headed for his home office to finish some work for the club. He was still working at bedtime, so Silas and I headed for bed. Oliver was enforcing the rule that he and Silas were to move slowly, so Silas was still in here with me.

“The next day was when Carlos started being weird. Oh, he still touched me, kissed me, and gave me compliments, but they seemed…I don’t know, empty I suppose. Like he was saying them because he was expected to.

“It even spilled over into the club. We still do scenes but they’re all soft scenes. There’s only the minimum contact. He hasn’t kissed me in front of any other members unless it’s just a kiss on the cheek—or worse, on the forehead, like I’m a little kid. I mean mom used to always kiss on the forehead. Just how old does he think I am?”

Toby was trying hard not laugh. Daniel was getting more and more worked up, and normally that wouldn’t be funny, but Toby had realized what was happening before his brother had even finished telling him about the dinner he and Silas had almost burned. He tried to interrupt, but Daniel was on a roll, so Toby settled for letting his brother get it all off his chest. Toby mentally started working out just how he was going to rip Carlos and a new one for being so blind when the guy was larger than he was.

“The longer it went on the more he pulled away. Tonight, before you arrived, was the first time in what feels like forever that he’d even flirted with me. So, you see, Bro, he must have got he wanted. Now, he just doesn’t know how to ask me to leave nicely.”

Toby shook his head. Turning Daniel to face him again he wiped at the tear tracks on Daniel’s cheeks. “He doesn’t want you to leave you silly thing, he—”

“No, he fucking doesn’t!” came a roar from the doorway.


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