Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 68

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Chapter 68



Four weeks later

Daniel waited nervously in the airport arrivals. He bit his lip as he thought about what Silas was going to say when he found out.

“Calm down, Boy.” Carlos rubbed his arms and Daniel took a deep breath.

“Daniel!” Silas’ voice rang out through the cavernous hall just moments before Daniel was jumped by his brother. Daniel fell heavily back into Carlos, who wrapped them both in his arms to keep them on their feet.

“Silas, calm down,” Oliver’s stern voice broke into the reunion. But, Silas ignored him and started chattering a mile a minute, telling Daniel what felt like everything the couple had done for the last five weeks.

Silas let out a yelp as he was pulled out of Daniel’s arms. Oliver placed him on his feet and waved a finger in his face. “What did I tell you would happen if you ate all that chocolate and drank too much coffee? Now, calm down and let’s get our bags.”

Silas just giggled and grabbed Oliver finger. He placed a kiss on the end and made a run for the luggage reclaim area.

Daniel suppressed a laugh at Oliver’s face. Carlos didn’t bother suppressing anything, his laughter echoed loud and long.

Oliver scowled. “Thanks for the help,” he huffed and strode off the way Silas had gone.

Soon they reappeared pulling their cases, Silas was still chattering and Oliver was shaking his head.

“Just how much coffee and chocolate have you had?” Daniel asked Silas when they were near.

“Too much,” Oliver answered instead.

They managed to get Silas out to Carlos’ SUV and Daniel pulled his brother into the backseat with him. “Hey, that hurt,” Silas said yanking his hand out of Daniel’s, his eyes went wide as he stared at Daniel’s hand.

“What’s that?” His eyes were on Daniel’s left hand.

“Ah, um, well, you see, I may have, um,” Daniel stammered to a halt.

“Daniel has agreed to marry me.” Carlos’ voice was matter of fact and the silence that followed his declaration was short. The car filled with cheers and questions.

Carlos called for quiet. “We signed a permanent contract last week and I asked when we got home.”

“You have a permanent contract?” Silas stared at Daniel with wide eyes. “what about a collar?”

“Boy, that is none of your business,” Oliver chided.

Daniel was already unbuttoning the top of his shirt, he pulled the edges open to reveal the stainless-steel chain circling his throat. “Master Carlos asked me to wear his collar as part of our permanent contract. Then he presented me with the ring straight after.”

Daniel held out his hand for inspection and Silas caught hold it so he could hold the offered hand—and therefore the ring on the third finger of said hand—up to the light.

The band was solid gold and held five glittering stones, four diamonds set with a sparkling ruby in the center.

“So, when’s the wedding,” Silas gushed.

“In two months,” Daniel answered.

“What!” Silas yelped. “But, there’s so much to do. Location, food, invites, drink.”

The rest of the drive turned into a wedding planning session.

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