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Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs. All comments are welcomed and please check out the other authors at the end of this post.

I ran out of time with some other commitments. Therefore I found a short scene that I hadn’t published here yet so that I wouldn#t leave you all with nothing this week.  This scene shows how Casey, from the Unison Island, is found to have extra powers.


Set before any of the UI books – Enjoy

“Quick, call an ambulance!” the barmaid called as she tried to stem the flow of blood bubbling around the embedded shard of glass.

“What happened?” someone shouted.

“Where’s my drink?” another slurred voice called.

“Let me through,” a strong voice demanded. “I’m a healer move.”

The crowd parted and Jamie dropped to his knees by the bleeding man.

“What happened?” he asked as he started running a diagnosing spell.

“Greg was reaching for a whiskey bottle on the top shelf. The shelf must have been loose coz it fell. The bottles smashed and a shard buried itself in his chest. Can you help him?” Her voice was clogged by the tears streaming down her face.

“I’ll try.”

Jamie groaned as he sensed the report the spell gave him. The shard had gone straight through the man’s ribs and lodged in his heart. If he tried to remove it the poor guy would bleed out in a matter of minutes. He needed to stop the bleeding and patch the wound as the glass was removed.

“Casey, I need your help.”

“What’s up Bro?” Casey’s sleepy voice came into Jamie’s mind.

“I have a man on the floor of the bar I’m in with a big ass piece of glass stuck in his chest. He needs it out soon but it’s pierced his heart. I need you to send me a boost.”

Jamie felt Casey reaching out but nothing happened.

“You’re too far away for me to connect with you. And it would take me too long to get to you. I assume an ambulance is on the way.”

“Yes, there is, I heard someone calling when I got to him.”

“Okay, show me what you’re seeing.”

Jamie opened his mind so his brother could see the spell results.

Right, here’s what you need to do. I’ll meet you at the clinic.”

Jamie watched, listened, then nodded.

Placing his hands on Greg and began muttering fast. The bleeding slowed down to a trickle and Jamie started pushing energy directly into the man’s heart forcing it to keep beating even with the fatal wound.

He heard the EMT’s arrive and kept the magic flowing while he broke off the muttering, the spell could run free a while.

“This is Greg. A shard of glass has gone through his ribs and pierced his heart. We need to get him to the clinic now but you need to move him with me in constant contact with him. It’s vital that I keep his heart going until we get there. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” both medics said and they went about getting Greg on a gurney while Jamie kept up the spell and kept constant contact with Greg’s chest.

Once in the ambulance, Jamie’s glare stopped the medics from interfering. The ride felt like a lifetime and he was starting to tire as they arrived.

Casey came running up to the ambulance as it stopped. One look at the inside and he climbed in kicking the medic there out.

“Jamie link now,” he demanded and Jamie moved one hand to grab Casey’s.

Their magic joined and flared. Casey took over the spell casting and soon they were removing the glass. Jamie fell back and left Casey to finish up and administer a couple of anti-infection spells just in case.


Casey dropped onto the couch by Jamie later that morning.

“Well, that was a wakeup call I don’t want again.” He tried to joke but it fell flat.

“That can’t happen again. If we could have linked, or you could have gotten to me sooner, we could have saved him faster. What if we had been too late?”

Casey sighed, “Jay, Bro, you know we can’t save them all. What if you hadn’t been there? What if the crowd hadn’t let you through quickly enough? What if the barmaid had tried to remove the glass? There are always going to be what ifs. But…”

“But, what?” Jamie opened his eyes and pinned his brother with his gaze.

“The witch’s council contacted me. They’ve offered me the power of transportation. The distance would grow with my magic just like our ability to link has grown slowly over the years. I asked about you but they said they could only offer it to one twin, something to do with our mind-link. I told them I would think about it.”

“What’s to think about?” Jamie exclaimed. “It would be perfect. Why didn’t you snap their hand off?”

“Think of the responsibilities that will come with it,” Casey stated. “I would be called out for every slight cough or sniffle.”

Jamie tilted his head thinking. “What about if we train the phone operators how to do a basic phone triage. I think we can trust them to use their common sense most of the time.”

Casey nodded. “I suppose,” he conceded.

“And of course it would be useful anyway,” Jamie purred making Casey frown.

“What do you mean?”

“Well if you need to stay over anywhere you wouldn’t have to worry about home the next day—or night, depending.” He ducked as Casey aimed a cushion at his head.

“I’ll call them in the morning,” Casey decided and the bothers turned their attention back to the TV and the film where a boy was singing about a whole new world. Wouldn’t that be great? Thought Jamie, A whole new world. One with no illness or early death. Then he sighed and forced himself to relax.

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  1. Judy Stone says:

    I love your Unison Island series. Thanks for the never-before-published UI scene with Jamie and Casey.

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