Monday Update

It has been a long time since I did an update, but hopefully, I have finally got everything sorted and can now get into a routine.

News first:

I have a new book out with MLR Press called The Alpha’s Perfect Mate. The release date crept up on me and, so I didn’t do a cover reveal. I hope you have a chance to check it out. I am aware of the mistakes in the blurb on Amazon and the MLR website, but I can assure you those mistakes have corrected inside the book.

Next news is my friend and fellow member, Emi GS, has a new poetry book out Summer Tulips and it is entered in a competition on Amazon. It is FREE on KU and reasonably priced if you aren’t on KU. All purchases/borrows/reviews/ratings count toward the competition so please give the book a look.

Blog updates.

I have worked out a new schedule for my blog so that there is something new almost every day. Now, as everyone knows, things happen so this schedule is only a guide, please don’t hold me to it. Of course, any new releases will force a change as well.

Mondays will be a general update.

Tuesdays will be a review day for books I’ve enjoyed/been given as ARCs.

Wednesdays will be the usual Wednesday Briefs day.

Thursdays will be a review day. I will review a current story from the website and post it here with the permission of the author. There will be a link so you can read the whole story for FREE on site.

Fridays will be a poetry day. I have been writing odd poems since I was young, and most are posted on GA. I will be posting a few of them here and also (again with the author’s permission) I will be featuring poets from GA.

Saturdays will be a short chapter day. It will either be a continuation of the Wednesday Briefs chapter of that week, or it will be in response to a prompt from the GA website.

Sundays will be another review day for books I’ve enjoyed/been given as ARCs.



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