Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 3.2

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Chapter 3.2

Kitryn glared at Simon and could tell the young vamp was trying hard not to laugh. Okay, so, yes, he possibly, maybe, almost definitely looked ridiculous hanging by his middle from a tree. But, really. Did the guy have to laugh at his face?

“Are you going to stand there waving at me all day or get on with the scolding?” Simon’s voice still held amusement. “Of course, you could say thank you to me for getting you down.”

Kitryn rolled his eyes. “Thank you,” he snapped out. he knew he sounded ungrateful, but his middle still hurt from hanging around all day, and his ass was bruised from the fall. Cat’s do not always land on their feet. Or at least he never did.

“Why didn’t you shift?”

Simon’s question took Kitryn’s mind off his ass and back to the current situation.

“If I had shifter how would I know where the rope would end up? It may have slip mid shift and ended up around my neck!”

Simon flushed at his comment but didn’t stay silent for long. “But, how did you not see the rope. I didn’t exactly hide it. I didn’t want any passing humans to fall into it. That would have been far too hard to explain away.”

Kitryn dropped his gaze. “I was distracted,” he mumbled.

“What? I didn’t catch that.”

Kitryn looked up and glared once more at his annoying rescuer. “I was distracted,” he repeated louder.

Instead of smirking as Kitryn expected him to Simon frowned. “What could have you distracted? The kits were safe in the cave. I was unconscious so you know I was no danger to them. Was there something else out here? Do we need to worry?”

Kitryn knew he was staring, but he couldn’t help it.

He had a choice. Did he agree with Simon and say he had been thinking of the kits or did he tell the truth and say he was thinking of Simon?

The man had told him all about he’d had a massive change forced on him. how could Kitryn not be distracted by thoughts of how brave Simon was? And the fact he wasn’t hard on the eyes was a distraction in and of its self as well.

“Um, no there’s no danger and I  know the kits were safe in the cave. My thought just wandered when they shouldn’t have.” He refused to expand on that, no sir, that was all he was saying.

“Okay, we’d better get back to the kits. Fran was very worried when you didn’t come back.”

Kitryn felt himself flush with shame. He hadn’t meant to worry any of his kits, and he didn’t even have any food to show for his day out.

“I only have one more trap to check and since it’s on the way we may as well stop and see if there’s anything there.”

Kitryn nodded and shifted back to his car form. No way was he trapesing through the woods naked at night.

They walked steadily and were both surprised to find a porcupine caught by the last small trap. Kitryn chuffed when Simon untied the still wriggling creature and let it go.

“What?” Simon asked. “It wouldn’t have made more than a mouthful for any of us.”

A rustling nearby made both of them freeze. Kitryn moved forward slowly and when he had passed two or three trees he came to a clearing where a river flowed noisily. There was a doe drinking the water and seemingly unaware of their presence.

Simon tapped his head and pointed to himself, then circled his fingers. Kitryn took that to mean Simon was going to circle around so they could come from both sides.

Kitryn nodded slowly and Simon vanished at vamp speed. As soon he heard saw Simon on the other side of the clearing Kitryn made a leap for the doe. As a shifter, he was faster and larger than a normal mountain lion and so was able to reach the doe before she realized he was there. He managed to grab her by a leg and then Simon was there. Simon efficiently broke her neck. It wasn’t a nice sound but it was fastest kindest way, and they needed to eat.

“I suppose I’m carrying it?” Simon asked with a raised eyebrow. Kitryn ignored him and moved to the river to wash his mouth out, the taste of animal blood wasn’t good, and he wanted to give Simon a chance to feed without having someone watch him like he was a freak show.

When he didn’t hear any more sounds he turned to see Simon wiping his mouth on the back of his hand.

“Thank you.”

Kitryn nodded and led the way out the clearing and back to the cave.

“Kitty!” came Fran’s voice as they approached. “You back.”

Kitryn let out a grunt as Fran barreled into him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Let’s let Kitty shift and dress,” came Simon’s amused voice. “Who’s hungry?”

A chorus of yes’ echoed as they made their way into the cave to get dinner ready for the kits.

Maybe this wouldn’t be such a bad place to rest for a while, Kitryn thought as he dressed and watched his kits listening to Simon as he explained what he was doing to the doe carcass.



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