Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 4.1

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Chapter 4.1

Kitryn watched as Simon faded into unconsciousness as soon as the sun started to become visible on the horizon. The kits had had so much excitement they’d been up half the night and hadn’t long crashed out on some blankets in the back of the cave. So Kitryn decided they may as well sleep when their host did and made himself comfortable in the dark recesses of the cave. He checked to make sure he was between the kits and the cave entrance before he allowed the long day and night to catch up with him.


Kitryn woke with a start. What time was it? Why was he awake while it was still dark?

The sound of Simon’s voice talking to the kits kick-started his memory and he slowly pushed himself into a sitting position.

The fire came into view and Kitryn saw Simon sitting with one of the Kits in his lap and the other two cuddled close. From the words, he could hear Simon was telling them a story about a prince with long hair locked in a tower by a wicked wizard.

It was astounding. The three kits had been through so much and lost a lot recently. But they were still willing to open their arms to another lost soul.

“Along came a homeless person looking for shelter from the rain. He found the hidden door and decided to investigate.” Simon’s voice was low, and he was obviously pulling the kits into his story. “Suddenly a voice echoed out—”

“Who goes there?” Kitryn boomed making Simon and the kits shoot up in the air.

He doubled over laughing at the glares he received.

“Bad Kitty,” Fran scolded. This time Simon laughed while Kitryn scowled. The scowl didn’t last as Kitryn soon found himself being bombed by three kits wanting his attention.

The smell of cooking meat stopped their impromptu wrestling match and had Kitryn joining the kits sniffing the air.

“Breakfast is ready,” Simon sang out.

Kitryn followed the stampede and left his stomach rumble and his mouth water at the wonderful food laid out for them.

After a hearty breakfast by firelight, Kitryn and Simon sat at the mouth of the cave and watched the kits playing.

“So, what are your plans?” Simon asked.

Kitryn felt a jolt go through him. “Do you want us to move on? I was hoping—”

“No, no, no.” Simon shook his head vigorously. “I like having the company. And the kits are great. Just, you must have been heading somewhere.”

Kitryn shook his head slowly. “Not really. We were putting distance between us and our old home in case the attackers came back. I really don’t know anywhere in the area that would take in shifters that are potential targets. What about you. Didn’t you ever think about trying to find other vampires?”

“No. Meeting one was bad enough. I know in my head that not all vampires are bad, just like not all humans are bad or all good. But, I am afraid that the rest of me hasn’t caught up with my mind and I don’t think I could be around any vampires without having a panic attack. Not yet.”

They both fell silent again, but it was a comfortable silence. The silence of two beings enjoying the company of one another and watching the kits play.


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