Release Day – Resist and Triumph A charity anthology, put together by and Edited by Grace R Duncan and Tucker McCallahan #Giveaway


OUT NOW!!!!!

Resist and Triumph

As 2017 opened, the United States took several steps back in the progress toward equality. In response, a group of authors has stepped up to offer positive stories of hope and love. In an effort to help fight and support those groups who are facing even greater challenges, we wrote these stories to offer a small amount of aid.

Stories of hope, resistance, and ultimately triumph fill the pages of this anthology.

All proceeds from the anthology go to The Trevor Project and GLAAD to help fight the effects of the dark times we’re facing.

Stories in this anthology:

Breaking Ties with the Bully by Perci T. Brooks

Consummation by Tucker McCallahan

Fighting the Alpha, the Omega Way by Carol Pedroso

Get Off of My Runway by Shane K. Morton

Leto of The Ionian Sea by Maria Siopis

Red by Vicktor Alexander

The Respect of Love by Mandi Ware

Small Victories by Helene Dupres

White Rabbit by Grace R Duncan

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**Also available on Kindle Unlimited**

Fighting the Alpha, the Omega Way by Carol Pedroso

Alpha Enforcer Gerard Gilbertson is sent in to investigate Alpha Kief Freaton and his pack. But, what he finds is both good and bad.

The good is he finds his mate, An omega named Strin.

The bad is his mate is being forced to use his omega powers to help the corrupt Alpha make money by conning people. Alpha Freaton is using a collar to control Strin, with the threat that the collar will kill the other omegas living in the pack and Strin if Strin doesn’t follow orders.

With Gerard’s help, Strin has to fight the Alpha for his right to freedom. And he has to do it the Omega way…




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