Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty, Chapter 5.1

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Chapter 5.1

“I’m tired. When can we take a nap?”

“I’m hungry. Can I have a snack?”

“I want to stop now. My feet hurt.”

“Are we nearly there yet?”

Kitryn gritted his teeth to stop himself snapping at the whining kits. It wasn’t their faults that they’d had to move so fast and so far.

He shrugged his shoulders to get a blanket wrapped Simon into a more comfortable position. He was glad that Simon had refused his offer earlier in the night.

They’d only been able to hunt a few times and had only caught several small rabbits. Simon had drained them of what small amount of blood he could, but it hadn’t been near to enough. Kitryn had offered some of his own blood but Simon had refused.

When Simon had fallen into his day sleep and Kitryn had had to wrap him securely in a blanket and carry him, Kitryn had been relieved to still have all his strength. If he’d donated some blood to Simon, he wouldn’t have been at his peak like he needed to be to protect them all. He needed all his senses about him to ensure they weren’t being followed and that they didn’t walk into any traps.

“Just a little further. Then we can stop and rest. We need to get Simon to some shelter and out of the daylight. Come on we can do this. We’ll find somewhere soon I’m sure.”

“Cabin that way.” Fran pointed at a dirt track leading off the main path.

Kitryn looked dubiously up the track. “Is it safe?”

Fran shrugged and Kitryn was torn. He looked up at the dark clouds that had been dogging their steps all night and through the day. Should he risk it? Or hope they found shelter further on?

His mind was made up for him when the dark clouds finally burst. A flash of lightning and a rumble of thunder spurred him on and he led the way up the dirt track.

The rain got harder and it wasn’t long before they were all drenched. Lightning flashed and thunder shook the earth. The kits all bundled as close as they could. Simon was getting heavier with the added water soaking into the blanket.

They rounded a corner and Kitryn held in a whimper of relief when a log cabin came into view. He propped Simon carefully against a tree to shelter him from the rain and moved away to see if the cabin was occupied.

A sudden flash of lightning and a crash too near for comfort had Kitryn grabbing Simon back up and urging the kits away from the trees. Having no choice, he herded them toward the cabin and began banging on the door.

His picked up the sound of movement and prayed to whatever deity was listening that he hadn’t led them straight into trouble.

The door opened slowly and Kitryn was met with a face he never thought he would ever see again.

Fran pushed forward. “Grandma.”

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