Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 6.2

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Chapter 6.2

Meg insisted everyone call her grandma and by the time the kits woke up from their nap Simon was fully up to date.

Simon sighed. “So, we have a rogue witch to worry about. As well as hunters and maybe the vamp who changed me. Have I missed anyone?”

Kitryn shook his head while dishing up the kits’ food. “No, that sounds about right. We need to work out a plan. My group may be gone, but what if this witch targets other shifters or paranormals? And we need to make sure the hunters haven’t managed to track us at all. I don’t want the kits to be in danger.”

“The kits will be fine.” Meg interrupted.  “Between Mine and Fran’s powers, we should be able to steer us clear of most danger.”

“Most danger isn’t all danger,” Kitryn insisted.

“No one can stay away from all danger dear.” Simon tried not to chuckle when Meg patted Kitryn on the cheek like he was still a kit. His chuckle turned into a scowl when Meg ruffled his hair on her way past him, causing Kitryn to laugh at him.

Simon had a sudden thought. “Kitryn, are you sure no one else survived the attack on your home? You survived, maybe others did.”

Kitryn frowned. “Although I agree that I can’t know for certain. I think I would have met up with any survivors when we escaped. There were only so many ways out of our territory.”

Simon shrugged. “Well, it’s something to keep in mind.”

Once everyone had finished eating they moved to the living area, so the kits could play, and the adults could sit warm by the fire.

“I think the first thing we need to do is to make sure our young vamp here is educated on feeding and the ways of his kind.” Meg sent a smile at Simon.

“Yes, please.” Simon wanted to know everything he could about what he now was. “I need to know what can hurt me. I mean should I avoid garlic? Holy water? I need to know how to not hurt anyone else unintentionally. What should I be eating? How often? My questions are endless.”

“Calm down young one,” Meg laughed. “Let’s start with food. That’s the easiest.

“As you already know you need blood. You can eat normal food too—and no you don’t have to avoid garlic—but it won’t satisfy you for long. Being a new vamp you will need to feed little and often. You mustn’t let yourself get as hungry as you did this last time. If you had been alone you could have gone into the bloodlust. Then you would have either starved to death or drained the first being to cross your path. Kit said you’d been living off animal blood. That will work but you’ll need more. It’s something to do with the composition of the blood. Kit and I will be able to keep you fed as long as you listen to us and do as we say until you get a better sense of your own body. We won’t allow you to hurt anyone.”

She waited until Simon gave a rather overwhelmed nod before continuing. “Not much can hurt a vamp. Holy water and garlic are myths. So are wooden stakes. There are only three ways to kill a vamp. The first is to drain the vamp of blood, so they in effect starve. This is a dangerous thing to try because the vamp is most likely to just attack and drain their attacker to heal and live. The second is to puncture their heart. Any type of solid material will work; wood, metal, etc. The only rule is it must remain in the heart until the vamp turns to dust. If it is removed it gives the vamp tie to heal. The last is beheading. Anything else a vamp can heal from before the attacker has a chance to finish them, beheading is final.”

Simon was sure his mouth as hanging open. “So, I just have to avoid being drained, getting stabbed in the heart, or being beheaded?”

“Yep,” Meg replied happily, making a popping sound on the P.

Simon shook his head, he had a feeling his life was going to be anything other than boring for the foreseeable future.


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