Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 7.2

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Chapter 7.2

Kitryn jolted awake at the sound of pounding. It took a moment for him to orientate himself before he realized someone was banging on the front door. Swinging out of the bed he pulled on a pair of pants as he heard Meg running down the hall yelling, “I’m coming, hold your horses.”

Kitryn arrived at the door and he watched Meg open it to reveal a very flustered David.

“You need to leave now. All of you.” David panted as he spoke as though he had been rushing.

“David, what’s wrong? What’s happened?” Meg tried to pull him inside but he resisted.

“No, you need to get the kids together and go. There are men in the town and they described your guest and his kids to a tee. When they heard there were people staying in homes out here they said they planned to come out and go door to door asking if the group they were looking for had been seen. They didn’t describe that pale one you’ve got staying but it only needs one person to have seen them together. They need to go and it would be better if you went with them, I don’t trust these men, there’s something off about them. I will swear I heard one of the big brute’s growl and I’m sure I saw their eyes flash with a weird light at one point.”

Kitryn was moving before David had even finished babbling out his explanation. First, he moved to the kits’ room. He found them awake and told them to dress and pack quickly. Next, he moved to his room and to the second bed that held Simon. It would be another three hours until he woke up, so Kitryn looked around for a thick blanket to wrap him in.

In a short time, they were ready to go. Meg handed the key over to David who promised to clear the food out and look after the place until she returned.

Kitryn heaved Simon onto his shoulders and Meg corralled the kits out the door. They set off down the road with no idea where to head other than away from town and the unknown people after them.


Simon woke when the sunset as always. He tried to stretch only to find he was wrapped head to foot in something soft but strong. He pushed down his automatic panic when he heard Kitryn voice talking calmly, he concentrated and started to make sense out of the muffled words.

“Where should we head for Meg? The kits are going to need to stop for a break soon and Simon should be waking up any time now. He’s going to panic at being wrapped up again.”

Simon decided to make himself known and relying on Kitryn’s shifter hearing he whispered, “I am awake and would like to know what’s going on, please.”

He felt Kitryn stiffen and then he was being lowered to the ground. Kitryn and Meg unwrapped him and Simon grinned at Meg, “We really should stop meeting like this.” Meg giggled, and Simon felt an answering grin spread across his face.

That grin was wiped off pretty quick when he heard what had happened and why they were on the road once again.

“So, I’m back to being a sack of potatoes every twelve hours or so then?” Simon concluded when Kitryn finished the tale.

“I’m afraid so,” Meg said and after she let Simon feed from her they resumed their trek.

“So where are we heading?” Simon asked.

“The opposite direction to the hunters,” Meg answered. “David is going to tell them he heard tell of people matching your descriptions going to the west. So, we are heading east and hoping they take the bait to give us a bigger head start.”

Simon nodded, and they trudged on is silence.

Ack on the road again and nothing to see but miles of pathway heading into the distance. Would they ever be able to stop running?



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