Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 8.1

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Chapter 8.1

Simon and Kitryn crouched behind some bushed near to the entrance of the bears’ den.

“What do we do now?” Simon whispered. “It’s not like they have a doorbell we can go up and ring to get their attention.”

“Oh, they probably know we’re here already,” Kitryn replied as he shifted trying to get comfortable. “Bears have a very good sense of smell and they would set guards.”

True to Kitryn’s words a voice echoed out of the darkness. “We know there is someone there. Show yourselves and state your business.”

Kitryn held up his hands and moved out. Simon copied him staying a step behind.

“We mean you no harm. We come seeking sanctuary for us and our family. There are six of us in all. Three adults and three kits.”

“You say family, but you are not the same. You are a cat and he is a vamp.”

“We are still a family. We’ve been together now for a while and we have helped each other survive. We will happily tell you our story, but I would rather get the kits inside out of the cold.”

There was some muttered speech that was over before Simon could think to try and eavesdrop.

“Get your family and we will escort you to our elder. He will decide if you can stay after he has heard what you have to say.”

Kitryn nodded to Simon and he let out a low whistle.

Meg and the kits moved forward from where they were hiding. After they’d gathered around Simon and Kitryn a male came forward holding a hand out to indicate they should proceed him.

They were led to a large room with two couches and several armchairs. There was a fire to their left and the warmth of the room felt wonderful after days outside.

The kits crowded around the fireplace and soon fell asleep as only the very young can, all in a pile.

A shifter entered supported by the same young male that had led hem to the room. He was stooped with age and had long white hair bound at his nape with a leather strip. The young one led him to a chair and bowed before heading back out the room, shutting the door behind him.

“So, I’m told you are claiming sanctuary. We haven’t had anyone looking for protection in years. Why, don’t you fill m in one your story before I make a final decision.”

Kitryn waved a hand at Simon and so Simon started by telling his story of how he was turned and how he’d been living since.

Then Kitryn took up the tale-telling how there had been an attack on his home and he’d escaped with the kit and run into Simon.

Lastly, Meg told how she’d been run out of her home and had made a new one near the humans until the hunters had come snooping around.

The elder looked at them when they’d finished, weighing their words.

“I will grant you temporary sanctuary while I consult with my advisors. You may stay tonight and through tomorrow until your vamp can travel. If it is decided to deny your request you will be given supplies to see you through at least a week. Until then I will get Josh to come and show you to a room where you can rest more comfortably.”


Later when they’d resettled the kits and Meg had decided to enjoy having a comfortable bed while she could, Simon and Kitryn sat together in front of another fire, squashed together on a small couch.

“At least we have shelter for a while,” Simon sighed philosophically.

Kitryn grunted. “I think we’re in with a good chance. If nothing else it would look bad on the council if they threw out three young kits, back into a dangerous situation.”

Simon grinned. “Well, having young ones around is good for some things then.”

This made them both chuckle and then they went back to quietly contemplating the fire. At least they were warm, dry, and comfortable for a night and a day. Who knew what tomorrow would bring?

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