Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 8.3

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Chapter 8.3

Kitryn clenched his fists and pushed his rising anger down, hard. He spoke as calmly as he could so as not to scare Fran. “Fran, can you tell us anything else about what’s happening? Every little thing helps.”

Fran frowned hard and seemed to be trying to concentrate on something.

“She think I should be hers. She had papa first. Mama took him. She got sent away. She got more magic now. Papa gone so she want me.”

“Cheryl!” Meg interrupted and Simon and Kitryn swung their attention to her.

“Who’s Cheryl?” Simon asked.

Kitryn was the one to answer. “She was the lover of my sister’s mate before they met. With shifters when they meet their true mate—or soul mates as human’s sometimes call them—they know each other instantly by the other being’s scent. Once a shifter scents their mate there is no one else for them. Once claimed with a mating bite the two mates can’t even get arou—,” Kitryn glanced at the kits. “Um, that is to say, they aren’t attracted to anyone else.  Cheryl didn’t take it well when Sissy and Gerry met and recognized each other as mates. Cheryl tried to get Mars to separate them and when he refused she tried to kill Sissy. After that Mars had no choice but to banish her from the group. She hasn’t been seen for over five years. We all thought she’d found a new group and had settled down there.”

Meg took over the explanation. “It didn’t help that she isn’t a full shifter. She is a hybrid like me. We’re both half shifter and half psychic. In my case, my powers are more like a seer. I see flashes of the future and sometimes I am able to warn of impending situations. It seems Fran—since she is only three-quarters shifter—has inherited some of my power and can see flashes of the past and present in different places. Cheryl’s powers were more in the mind control area. She was able to make people do silly things like hop on one leg, or stand on their head while singing a stupid song. If she’s behind what’s happening now she must have found a way to increase her power a lot. Also if she gets her hands on Fran there’s no telling what she would do with her. Ther are rumors of ways to transfer psychic gifts from one person to another. The worse thing is the person losing the powers doesn’t survive the transferrer.”

Kitryn fell silent as he considered what all they’d worked would mean for his new family group.


A new bear had arrived and introduced herself as Hetty. She said she’d been sent to watch the kits so the adults could meet to discuss the ongoing situation.

After a few careful questions and some reassurance from Fran, Kitryn allowed Hetty to take the boys, but he insisted Fran could join the adults in a meeting with the Paddy and his second.

They all filed in and Kitryn set about explaining what they’d found out since he’d last spoken to Paddy.

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    This just keeps getting better and better Caz. Brava!

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