KU Review – The Blood Legacy Chronicles by Susi Hawk

Blurb from book one

Ages ago, the gods locked away a dangerous, powerful people… but the seal has been broken…

Clark, a bear descended from one of the original omega lines, has always known Kent was destined to be his mate, thanks to his visions. Clark’s ability to see past, present, and future is powerful, but even he can’t see a straight line out of the dark days ahead of them.

Kent, a descendant of the original alphas, has seen Clark in his dreams since they were children. He’s been yearning for the day when he can finally touch his mate and not just walk in his dreams.

After the sparks fly between them and they unwittingly break an eons old treaty, the powerful couple must trust each other’s gifts and a motley crew of shifters to save their new family… all while Clark is pregnant with triplets.

This is the first book of The Blood Legacy Chronicles. This book is 33k and pretty much guaranteed to have an HEA. 18+ readers only please! And yes, this book contains M/PREG, and adults adulting in sexy “knotty” ways. It also contains way more than the occasional use of potty mouth language!

Caution: possible trigger for a brief scene of an interrupted sexual assault and violence against the would be attackers.

My Review

This is a great follow on from the Northern Pines Den Alpha’s Series. It follows the children of the mated pairs in the last series and has them meeting up with other shifters who are descended from the original founding lines.

I fell in love with the character Effy and her three helpers. As well as the rest of the new character the reader meets.

I really can’t pinpoint a favorite book or part of this series. All the books have their great parts and each part adds to the whole.

It is a series that will keep a reader reading until their finished and then if their anything like me, they will end up going back to he beginning to read it all over again.


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