Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 8.5

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Chapter 8.5

“Maybe the hunters were a coincidence,” Meg offered. “I mean just because if they were working for Cheryl they wouldn’t have blown up the cave. The cave in would have killed Fran and then Cheryl wouldn’t be able to use her.”

Kitryn nodded thoughtfully. “I think we need to work on the assumption they are working together until it’s proved otherwise. It wouldn’t do to discount the hunters and then have them appear out of nowhere when we least expect them.”

They all agreed and Meg said she was going to try and see what gossip she could pick up amongst the females of the den.

Kitryn and Simon both decided to settle with a drink on the couch to watch the kits playing.

Nelson and Peter were in kitten form growling and jumping on each other. Fran was laying on her front in human form and Simon suppressed a grin when she timed it perfectly to grab at the boys’ tails as they passed her.

The room echoed with yowling and hissing, then Fran yelped and scrambled to get away from the boys as they both turned on her. Simon watched as both boys battered a her with sheathed claws and once they got her on her back they attacked her face with their rough tongues. Simon had been on the receiving end of a tongue a few times, it was like being rubbed with damp sandpaper.

Fran was giggling non-stop and tickling the boys on the bellies whenever she could reach. It was good to see the kits having the chance to play and be young for a while with no threats hanging over their heads.

At some point Fran shifted as well and then there were three kits running in circles on the rug. Simon turned to tell Kitryn they needed to see if someone had a camera they could borrow, but he didn’t get past the first syllable before he let out a startled yell.

One of the boys had jumped in his lap presumably to escape the others. That had resulted in the other boy trying to follow and knocking the first off, who had then used his claws to try and stop his fall. Fran just sat watching with her head tilted to one side, then a mischievous glint shone into her eyes and Simon didn’t have a chance to defend himself before he had a third kit flinging herself onto his lap.

Kitryn laughed as Simon tried to get on boy off his leg, and Fran and the other boy separated on his lap. In the end, he sorted the problem by picking up the boy on his lap and dumping him onto Kitryn’s lap. The boy trying to climb his leg switched his attention immediately and sunk his claws into Kitryn’s calf.

Simon grinned at Kitryn’s hiss. He turned his attention to Fran and scratched behind her ears until she was purring and had curled up in a cosey ball. She was soon asleep and Simon sat back to watch the show of Kitryn trying to calm the hyper boys down and convince them that they were indeed tired enough to have a nap.

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