Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 9.1

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Chapter 9.1

A week passed with no more attacks and the small family settled into life in the bear den. The kits made friends with some of the cubs and Simon and Kitryn often found themselves overrun with small animals.

They continued to have regular meetings with Elder Patrick but new leads were few and far between. The only news was that a representative from the nearby Vampire Clan would be arriving that evening. Simon wasn’t sure what he thought about meeting another of his kind. On one hand he could gain someone who would teach him about what he now was, or on the other hand, he could end up with another arrogant being who didn’t want anything to do with him just like his maker.

Kitryn had been trying to distract him and the lits had been helping by getting him involved in their games and mischief. But, now it was only a matter of time until the male arrived and all Simon’s nerves had returned tenfold.

Elder Patrick entered the room where Simon was pacing when Simon was on his fourth circuit.

“Calm down, vamp. Elder Zane is a good vampire and is committed to making sure everyone in his clan is safe and well looked after.”

“But, I’m not in his clan, am I? I’m just a vamp that shouldn’t have been made in the first place.”

“I was pointing out that if he is so good with his own clan that he will look out for you too.”

“Well, please excuse me if I say, I’ll believe that when I see it for myself. Until then please leave me to my pacing as it is stopping me from putting my fist through a wall.”

Patrick sighed. “Have you considered going down to the training room and taking your frustrations out on some sparring or working out?”

Simon perked up at that idea. “I think I will, thank you.”

The training room was large and had a high ceiling. Simon wondered if it was a natural cave or if the bears had dug it out themselves.

Shaking off his thoughts he looked around to see who was around to spar with.

“Hey, Simon.” Jack waved him over. “Looking to spar? My partner just took off on me and I’m at a loose end.”

Simon grinned. “Let me guess, Sally is upset with you again.”

Jacks hangdog expression said it all. Jack was good at doing things to annoy his mate and Sally was fairly easy to antagonize. After watching them bicker and then makeup – Rather ardently – Simon had decided he was glad he was gay. Women were too hard to work out.

They faced off against each other and Jack made the first lunge. Simon ducked and followed up with a hit to jack’s gut. Jack moved so he didn’t take the full hit, but he still was wheezing when they broke apart.

“So, are you and the kitty cat together yet? Or are you still dancing around each other?”

The question threw off Simon’s attention and he hit the ground as Jack connected with his jaw sending him flying.

Simon glared. “That was a low thing to do. And for your information, me and Kitryn are friends, nothing more.”

“Of course you are.” Jack came at him again and he danced away. “I see the looks you send each other when you think the other isn’t looking.”

Simon shook his had and sent three jabs at Jack’s face. “I don’t know what you think you’ve seen, but there is nothing between Kitryn and me other than friendship.” Although Kitryn did have a lovely…No, nope he wasn’t going down that path.

He ducked another jab from Jack and finally sent the bear backward by catching him on the nose. He hooked his keg behinds Jack’s and sent him down to the ground.

The sparring went on until a shout interrupted them. “There you are. Come on, the Elder Vamp has arrived and he’s asking to meet you.”

Simon turned to see Kitryn standing in the doorway. It was time to go and face his future.

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