Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 9.2

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Chapter 9.2

Kitryn could feel Simon’s gaze on him as they walked along the corridor. Something felt different but Kitryn couldn’t put his finger on what it was.

They arrived back at the main meeting room and Kitryn turned to Simon. “Simon this is Elder Carl of the Jade Vampire Clan. Elder this is Simon of the Zinston Pride.”

Kitryn could smell Simon’s confusion but he refused to introduce Simon as a lone vampire. Their little family had created a pack of sorts so he was claiming Simon before this Elder decided to try.

“Simon it is a pleasure to meet you.” The elder swept an elaborate bow and Kitryn suppressed a snort. The elder looked like he’d just walked off a catwalk somewhere. He wore a three-piece light gray suit that was obviously expensive and super shiny black shoes that clicked on the hard floor as he moved. He wore several rings and a watch that Kitryn thought looked like a picture he’d once seen of a Rolex.

Simon smiled. “Thank you, elder, I am sorry to meet under such circumstances.”

Carl seemed to study Simon in minute detail and Kitryn had to fight the urge to growl. What was the vamp thinking? Did he find Simon lacking in some way? If he did he could just run back to where he’d come from. No one was allowed to look down on any of his family.

“Please call me Carl.” Carl’s voice broke into Kitryn’s swirling thoughts.

Kitryn looked round to see Carl holding a hand out to Simon. Moving quickly Kitryn hooked an arm around the one Simon was reaching out with and steered him towards a comfortable couch.

“Let’s sit and we can make sure everyone is up to date with what has been happening.”

The others took seats and Simon retold his story, followed by Kitryn, and then Paddy filled in about their seer going missing.

Carl pursed his lips. “So our first priority is to safeguard the remaining seers we know of and get the warning out to as many groups as we can at the same time. The question is how do we know who to trust? If the enemy gets wind that we know what they’re doing they may move up their plans.”

“Can’t we try and gather as many seers as we can here? Maybe they could give us more to go on, and we could keep them safe.” Simon was leaning against Kitryn and Kitryn was happy to support him.

Paddy was already shaking his head. “Most groups are very protective of their seers. Seers are so rare and it is believed to be a blessing to have one born into, or join, your group. I have sent out messages to all our allies, but beyond that, all we can do is get them to do the same. Each group is allied with others so hopefully, the message will spread quickly among only trusted groups.”
Simon sat up straight. “What about the hunters that blew up my cave? Do we know anything more about them?”

Paddy shook his head. “All I’ve heard so far is conflicting rumors. Some say hunters have been seen more often and others say they haven’t seen any for a good while.”
Simon sat back with a sigh, Kitryn wished he could find the answers Simon wanted but he had no one he could contact. He was completely dependent on Paddy and his den of bears.

“I will make sure to ask other clans when I call to issue our warning.” Carl’s voice was silky smooth and Kitryn wanted to shove the smarmy ass out the door, preferably roughing up his stupid perfect suit on the way. He was the head of his little family. He should be the one reassuring Simon. Not this…interloper. Kitryn would just have to make sure this elder knew that Simon belonged with Kitryn’s family. They found him and they were keeping him. No overdressed, stuffy vamp was going to change that.

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