Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 11.2

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Chapter 11.2

Simon came awake with a start. What had he been dreaming about? Whatever it was had left him with a feeling of dread. He shook off the feeling and stretched.

He headed out to the main room and found Kitryn reading a book by the fire with the kits playing around his feet in human form.

“You okay?” Kitryn asked when he looked up.

“Yeah, just a weird dream. I can’t even remember what it was about, just the feeling it left behind when I woke up.”

Fran stopped playing and came over to hug his legs. Bending down Simon pulled her into his arms before turning her back towards her back towards the boys. “Thank you sweet girl, now go play.”

Meg came through the door as Simon was about to sit. “Don’t get comfortable. It’s Kit’s turn to feed you and since I’m here to watch the little ones you may as well use the time now.”

Simon and Kitryn shared a look that said they both knew they may as well do as she said, they’d never get any peace until hey did.

Simon grinned when Kitryn rose and offered his arm. “Your room or mine,” he asked with an exaggerated leer.

Simon took the offered arm and laughed. “Mine is nearest.”


“Wrist or are you brave enough to try for my neck this time?”

Simon froze halfway to sitting on the bed beside Kitryn. Neck? Kitryn and Meg had always offered him an arm and he’d never thought there was another way. Now he felt a bit like a fool, of course, the donor’s throat was a possibility. But did he trust himself enough?

“Um, I don’t know. What if I lose control?”

Kitryn just smiled at him. “Si, you’ve never lost control. Even when I first started feeding you and you’d never fed from a living sentient source before. You need to trust in your instincts. Now come here.” Kitryn held his arms open and Simon moved without thought to accept the hug, it seemed it was his evening for getting hugs.

Kitryn’s breath tickled his ear. “Just trust yourself and bite.”

Kitryn guided Simon’s head to his neck and pushed lightly. The smell of the blood pumping through Kitryn’s vein so near to him was enough for Simon to open his mouth and bite down automatically.

The blood seemed to be thicker and stronger. The taste went straight to Simon’s head and made him groan. This was a taste he could get used to. He wanted more.

The feel of two sharp tugs on his hair brought him out of his bloodlust and he responded to the signal to let go. Swiping across the bite marks with his tongue he pulled back.

“See no problem,” Kitryn said, but his words were slurred. “Now it’s your turn to hold me. I need a nap.”

With those words, Simon found his arms full and Kitryn was soon soring with his head resting on Simon’s bicep.

Simon ran his fingers through Kitryn’s hair and wondered if e should go and get Meg.

“He’s fine.” Simon jumped at Meg’s voice coming from the doorway. “He was up during the day with the kits, but he wanted to wait for you to wake up. Give him a couple of hours and then wake him. The kits are fine with me.”

She closed the door as she left and Simon relaxed to watch Kitryn sleep.

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