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Chapter 13.1

Kitryn panted hard as he tried to catch his breath and stop Simon from realizing his other predicament. He’d nearly attacked Carl when the stupid elder had mentioned mates.

Kitryn wriggled, trying to free himself and only ended up with a nose full of Simon’s scent instead. That didn’t help the other problem he had. In fact, it made it—

The door to the training room slammed open so hard the doorknob left a hole in the wall.

“Elder Carl! Elder Carl! You’re needed immediately. You’re-oh!” The vampire that had rushed in froze, then flushed. “I…umm…I was looking for Elder Carl.” He dropped his gaze and Kitryn had to suppress a hiss of displeasure as Simon lifted himself up and approached the other vamp with a friendly smile.

“Don’t worry. Elder Carl just stepped out and can’t have gone far. Why don’t we help you look for him? Kitryn will help, won’t you?”

Kitryn let out a huff, he couldn’t deny Simon anything. As soon as he’d followed the kits into Simon’s cave he’d caught Simon’s scent and knew what Simon was to him. Then Simon had helped him by getting the needle out of his paw so he could shift but had panicked and shown h knew nothing about the paranormal world. Kitryn had decided to wait for the right time to tell Simon they were mates, but the right time hadn’t presented itself yet.

Giving himself a mental shake, Kitryn focused on the current interruption. “I should be able to find him. His cologne is rather distinctive.”

Then an idea occurred to Kitryn and he grinned. Simon narrowed his gaze at him as he started to strip his clothes off piece by piece.

Kitryn then turned his awareness inward and allowed his cat free rein.


Simon watched as Kitryn’s human form melted away and was replaced by his beautiful cat form. The shift was swift and within seconds the big cat stood and shook out his fur. He stifled the annoyance at the interruption. He was sure Kitryn was on the verge of telling him something important, but the moment had been lost the second the door had crashed open.

“Wow,” came the awed voice of the strange vamp and Kitryn preened under the amazed look he was receiving. Simon laughed and scratched him across the top of his head causing him to shudder and purr.

Simon stooped to grab Kitryn’s clothes and yelped when he got a rough tongue swiped down his cheek.

“Come on Kitty, let’s find Carl and see what all the fuss is about.”

Kitryn trotted to the door and chuffed a laugh when the strange vamp jumped out of the way. They followed Kitryn down the hallway and ended up back at the office they’d met Carl in.

“I tried here first,” the vamp complained. “He’s not here.”

Kitryn let out a low growl and Simon frowned. “If Kitryn says he’s in there then he’s in there.” Who was this vamp to second guess Kitryn’s sense of smell?
Simon stepped up to the door and tapped lightly. “Elder? Carl? You’re needed immediately.”

The door swung open. “What has happen now!” Carl sound completely exasperated and fed up.

The other vamp pushed forward, skirting carefully around Kitryn. “Sir, Elder Patrick sent me to find you. Elder O’Connor has arrived but he’s injured. He was attacked on the road, all his guards were killed and his mate was taken. The elder was left for dead, but he made it here.”

“Take me there now. You two come as well.”

Carl strode off herding the poor messenger in front of him.

Simon and Kitryn hurried after them. When would all this stop?

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