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Chapter 13.2

Carl strode down the hall making the messenger move faster to stay in front of him. He knew he was being mean but at that moment he didn’t care. He’d been having a much-needed nap, thinking Simon and Kitryn would be occupied for a good while. He’d almost laughed out loud at Kitryn’s glare when he’d mentioned mates. The kitty cat didn’t want Simon knowing they were mates.

Carl wondered why, but he wasn’t going to interfere.

That was one of the hard and fast rules all the paranormal councils agreed on. No one was allowed to interfere with true mates—for any reason, at any time, in any place.

The messenger finally stopped at a large door and after knocking opened it and waved them past him.

The room they entered was obviously an exam room of some kind and just as obviously the one patient in the room was steaming mad.

“I don’t care what you say I need to get out there and find my mate. Anything could be happening to them.  Need to be out there searching. I can’t be sidelined. It’s my mate we’re talking about here.”

Elder Patrick was trying without much success to calm the irate male. Unfortunately. The yelling male—whom Carl assumed was Elder O’Connor—was larger than elder Patrick and he had the added advantage of being very pissed off too.

Hoping to diffuse the situation before it led to blows, Carl straightened his back and yelled, “Enough! This is getting us nowhere.” He strode over to the exam bed. Closer he could see the recently healed cuts and bruises covering O’Connor, the male must have put up a hard fight. The scent of the sea hit Carl as he neared, and he realized O’Connor must be some form of marine shifter.

O’Connor switched his attention to Carl and glared. “Who are you? And what gives you the right to tell me ‘enough’?

Carl held his hands up, palm out. “You need to calm down so we can help you find your mate. I am Elder Carl, leader of the Jade Coven.” He gave a short bow.

O’Connor snorted. “Vampires, you’re all so formal and why don’t you have last names?” He returned the bow. “I am Brian O’Connor, Leader of the Mer-folk of the North.”

Carl allowed a small smile and took a seat while everyone else started to calm down and find seats of their own. “What can you tell us about your attackers?”

“I was traveling with five enforcers and my mate. There were at least ten attackers, four of which were vampires. The rest were weres but I didn’t have time to figure out what kind.

“We had stopped for the night near water and the attack caught us all when we were setting up camp. There’s no way they could have planned it any better. That is the only time all members of our party were busy with a task, so there wasn’t anyone on watch. It takes us less than fifteen minutes to set up a camp, so they must have been waiting and watching us.

“While the attack was happening, a female voice was calling out some sort of numbers. It wasn’t one of our attackers they were all male. It didn’t take long to see that depending on what she called out the attackers changed positions. They seemed to duck every blow aimed at them and no weapons touched them. It was as though they knew what we were going to do before we did.”

“Where was your mate during the attack?”

O’Connor’s eyes filled but no tears fell, Carl was impressed with the man’s control, if it had been his mate who was taken he didn’t think he’d be able to talk as O’Connor was.

“Angel was near the water. I told them to escape in the water if things went wrong. But the attackers got past us and threw some sort of binding net over Angel. They didn’t have a chance. By then the enforcers were dead and the last thing I saw before losing consciousness was Angel dangling over some big thug’s shoulder still bound in the net.”

Carl placed a hand on O’Connor’s shoulder. “We will find your mate. I must ask, was Angel a seer?”

O’Connor looked at him sharply. “Yes. I wanted to leave them behind, but they insisted they were safer with me and five enforcers. They said no one would think of a leader traveling with a seer with what going on. Also, no one outside of our family even knows Angel is a seer. They told me when we mated that it must be kept a secret or it would bring us danger. I guess there’s no point keeping the secret anymore.”

Kitryn hissed. “Cheryl is using the stolen powers from the seers she’s kidnapped to find others and capture them. But, why does she want them? What’s her final goal?”

Carl cleared his throat. “I think it’s time to contact the High Council. We have enough now to prove that not only one species is being targeted. We can at least get them to start an investigation while we continue our own. Two heads and all that.”

Elder Patrick stood up. “I’ll contact them now and get the ball rolling.”

Carl watched him leave and turned back to the rest of the room. “Well gentlemen, I think you all know this means war.

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