Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 13.3

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Chapter 13.3

Simon watched everything happening as though it was a dream. Elder Patrick came back saying the council would launch a full investigation and they would also be sending an investigator to take all their statements.

Simon had wanted to know why nothing could be done after his family was killed, but Carl had told him that because only one species was affected they couldn’t get involved. There was no proof it had been anything other than a territorial dispute. Even when the seers started to go missing, whoever took them was careful to take clothes and other things people would take if there were leaving their home for a vacation or to move on.

Now with the attack and kidnap, they had proof that something was going on. They had a witness and the fact a mate would never willingly leave their other half.

Carl sighed. “They are obviously done with hiding and are now taking people more openly. What I want to know is what is the final target of this woman and her group? I get she wants power and I assume some sort of recognition. But, there must be more to it than that.”

O’Connor was reclining on a nearby couch. He had insisted on being able to join the war council, as it was being called, even over the healer’s objections. The compromise had been he must stay reclined and must move as little as possible to not slow the healing process down too much.

He scratched at a healing cut on his arm before chiming in, “Of course there is also the mate link to remember.” Simon perked up at the mention of mates again, Carl never had explained what mates were. “As soon as Angel is conscious again they can contact me. They may not be able to able to tell me where they are but at least we can get some information. On the downside, all your healing may be for naught if they are killed.”

“Why?” Simon asked before he could think to keep quiet.

O’Connor frowned at him. “Why don’t you know? You should have been taught mating law before you were a decade old either by your parents or by your tutor.”

Simon flushed and Carl answered for him. “Simon is an unwillingly turned vampire. I am currently trying to fill in as his guardian and tutor. Since I have only had one day of teaching him I think he can be excused any questions.” Carl then turned to Simon. “When to beings mate their life forces are combined. Kill one and you kill both. If Angel is killed then Brian will drop dead wherever he is.”

Simon felt his mouth drop open. “Why would anyone tie themselves to someone so closely?”

O’Connor answered with a smile. “When you meet your mate you’ll understand. The first time you see each other and even if you don’t realize immediately that they are the one for you, you will feel the pull to be with them. You won’t want to be apart and if someone else touches them, even innocently sometimes, you will want to rip that persons arm off. I was swimming when I met Angel. A lot of shifters know their mates by scent but for marine shifters its sound waves in the water. Their sound was like the most beautiful music I had ever heard, in either form. My enforcers who were with me that day thought I was mad. There I was a six-foot-long merman swimming around in circles apparently over nothing. It wasn’t until one of them tried to touch me and I snapped at them that they noticed the little angelfish that had taken up residence on my shoulder.

“We haven’t been separated since that day—until now.”

Simon fell into a thoughtful silence. He had a lot more questions, but he thought it was best to save them for his next lesson with Carl. Or maybe Kitryn or Meg would answer some of them.

“So,” called out Elder Patrick. “What is the plan? We can’t just sit around waiting for the council. Everyone knows how long it takes for them to get moving.”

“Who else is supposed to be arriving? Surely you didn’t just call Carl and me?” O’Connor queried.

Elder Patrick shook his head. “We’re still waiting for Elena and Frank. They should both arrive by tomorrow night.”

O’Connor yawned hugely. “Then I suggest we table any more discussions until then. We need as many heads as we can get together to make sure we cover as many angles as we can.”

More heads nodded and everyone started to file out the door. Carl had picked up O’Connor, ignoring the other elder’s bitching and headed towards the healer’s ward.

Simon followed Kitryn and they made their way back to their suit. Kitryn seemed very quiet and Simon started to wonder what was going through his friend’s head.

They entered the main room and Kitryn indicated for him to follow him to the bedrooms.

“You need to feed,” Kitryn stated sitting on Simon’s bed and undoing the shirt he’d been given when he’d shifted back from his cat form.

Simon shook his head. “Something is wrong.”

Kitryn shut his eyes. “If you feed I’ll tell you what’s going on while you eat.”

Simon nodded and they got comfortable together.

As soon as he bit into Kitryn’s throat, Kitryn spoke, “I’m your mate!”

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  1. Judy Stone says:

    Smooth, Kitryn. Real smooth. But at least he fessed up. LOL

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