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Chapter 14.1

Simon froze, he couldn’t have heard right.

He went to pull away, but Kitryn held on to the back of his head and made him still again.

“No, please, don’t move just, feed and listen.”

Simon settled down and tried to relax as Kitryn kept talking, his soft breath brushing Simon’s ear.

“I know you don’t understand, but I promise I will try to explain. As O’Connor said, different shifters recognize their mates in different ways.

“My breed recognizes our mates by scent. Your scent was all over that cave in the mountains. My cat was tired and in pain when he picked up your scent and he headed for what he felt was safety.

“When I shifted and realized you didn’t know what I was, I knew I couldn’t tell you about being mates until you understood about at least paranormals in general, if not shifters in particular.

“By the time we met up with Meg things were going to hell. We were being chased by men who may have been after one or all of us. Then we met the bears and we found out about the sears. Then Carl brought up mates and O’Connor arrived. I knew I needed to tell you before they did, or you worked out for yourself.”

Simon’s remain still, feeding slowly and trying to soak up and sort out what Kitryn’d said.

So they were mates! What exactly did that mean? Did that mean Kitryn was attracted to him? Simon thought Kitryn was the best looking man he’d ever seen. But he was young, inexperienced, and a new Vampire to boot.

He was a virgin when he escaped the Cult. Then he’s been homeless. Lastly, he’d been turned into a vampire. His total experience was some quick blowjobs in dark alleys when he really got desperate for money. Needless to say, he had been the blow-er, not the blow-ee.

Once he’d been turned he was scared of hurting someone. What did he do now? What should he say? It seemed Kitryn wasn’t finished though.

“You don’t have to say anything right now. All I ask is please don’t push me away. Let me care for you, feed you, and teach you. If you decide you can only offer friendship, then I will try and accept that and not push for more.

“However, if you can see yourself in a relationship with me then I want you to give me a chance to prove myself a worthy mate. I would use everything I know how to do to make you happy and to keep you that way.”

The last part of what Kitryn said and the lost tone of his voice was what broke through Simon stillness.

Removing his fangs and gently licking across the bite to aid healing, Simon thought carefully about what he should say.

“I am attracted to you. As a shifter, I’m sure you can smell that. But, I must tell you I have never been in the relationship. I wouldn’t even know where to start.”

Kitryn stroked a hand softly down Simon’s back. “That’s the joy of being mates, we get to learn together. All you have to do is say yes.”

Simon pushed up to look directly into Kitryn’s eyes, they shone with sincerity and Simon felt his heart melting.


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