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Chapter 14.2

Kitryn wanted to jump up and yell for everyone to hear that his mate had accepted him. But he was, of course, an adult and adults didn’t act like that. Didn’t stop him from imagining it though.

Simon’s timid voice broke into his self-congratulations. “Can you tell me more about mates?”

“Of course, what do you want to know?”


Kitryn let out a small laugh. “Everything? Well, that narrows it down.” Looking at the ceiling in thought he had an idea. “Why don’t I start with what I was taught as a child. Then after I’ve covered the basics you can ask questions.”

Simon nodded and snuggled closer. Kitryn rolled his eyes when he felt his cat stirring, the silly thing loved to snuggle…and be petted, but that may be pushing things a bit too far, too fast right now.

“Okay, first all children as are taught that when you meet your mate that being will be the perfect other half of your soul. Mates are to be cherished and when a being meets their mate that supersedes all other romantic commitments.

“We are taught that the fates decide our mates before we are even born. They take two souls, break them in half and put opposing half’s together in each being that is to be joined. In essence, I have half your soul and you have half mine. When they claim each other, those halves will rejoin making us whole and new.

“As I’ve already said each species recognizes their mates differently. Most shifter—especially land-based ones—use scent. The fae see auras, and vampires use blood.”

Simon lifted his head at that. “Is that why you taste so much better than anything else I’ve fed from?”

Kitryn felt his cat preening at the compliment. “Yes, had you been born a vamp you would have recognized me as your mate immediately. Once we claim each other I will be your sole food source. Something to do with the claiming means my body will always produce enough blood for your needs and your body won’t accept any blood but mine.

“I can see you want to ask about claiming. Again, different species claim their mate in different ways. Shifters bite during sex at the point of climax. I know, it sounds painful. I can’t tell you from experience, but I can tell you that any true mated couple I have ever spoken to have said that it is the most erotic experience they’ve ever had. Beyond that, I was told to wait and see what they meant when I met my own mate.

“Vampires claim with blood—of course. I will need to drink some of your blood again during sex. Um, I don’t what you know about sex with two men but whoever is doing the claiming needs to be the top. That means—”

Simon threw up a hand. “I know what that means. I may be a virgin but a few of the places I’ve managed to stay have had tv and internet. I know what to do…in theory. I’m assuming you won’t mind being my teacher for the practical lessons.”

Kitryn grinned at his mate’s teasing tone. Oh, that sounded good, even in his head. His Mate.

He pitched his voice to sound teasingly offended. “Why, sir, are you trying to get me to claim you without even offering a kiss first?”

Simon chuckled. “You want a kiss, do you?”

Kitryn nodded and held his breath ad Simon leaned up and closer.

He then let out a loud growl at the knock that sounded on the bedroom door.

“Kitty?” Fran’s small voice made Kitryn feel guilty, but really, he just wanted a kiss from his mate.

Simon chuckled again and dropped a chaste kiss on his lips before calling out that Fran could enter…He wanted more damn-it.

“Kitty, man says you need to come quick. He say it ‘portant.”

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