Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 16.1

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Chapter 16.1

“We need more,” Helen stated and Kitryn growled. Friend or not, no one was using Fran for any reason.

“She has already given us more than we had and that caused her to pass out. I will not allow her to be hurt.”

“Peace, Kitty.” Helen held her hands u in peace and winced when Kitryn growled again at the old childhood nickname. “I wasn’t suggesting she be hurt. I was stating a fact. How can we rescue a fae, a mage, and any surviving seers, if we don’t know where they are?”

“We could scry for them.” Everyone snapped their gazes to Meg, who froze at being the center of attention suddenly.

“What do you mean?” Kitryn asked. “To scry we’d need an item belonging to the mage or person we wanted to find. We don’t even know what they look like.”

Meg shook her head. “There is one way to do it. It is old magic and therefore Cheryl either may not know about it or won’t be able to counter it quickly or effectively. Both Fran and I are part mage. Me more than Fran. I can link my power to hers, then using the image she has and the knowledge I have we can scry and get a general location. Usually, within a two-mile radius, I may be able to get as close as one mile, but I can’t promise that. I’ve used the procedure once before when a young mage child had gone missing in the pride and they called me when it started to rain, and they lost her scent.”

Elder Patrick looked up from the notes he was scribbling down. “Would another mage be of help? To add more power to the workings.”

Meg smiled. “You can never have too much power for working magic. If the mage knows the old ways even better, if not they must be willing to follow my lead.”

Patrick nodded. “I don’t know about his knowledge, but I do know he has never argued with someone who knew what he didn’t. He will follow. I assume you wish to allow little Fran to rest and recharge at least for a day if not two?” Meg nodded, and Patrick continued. “While you were talking to Fran earlier, I received a message to say Mage Elder Tristan is almost here. He has several lower-level mages with him and they are sharing the power responsibility of moving my magic. He should be here tomorrow at the latest. After I have brought him up to date, I’ll let him know the plans and see if he can or will help.”

Meg looked thoughtful. “I still say any power addition will be good. But please make sure you stress how young Fran is and how she isn’t to be pushed too hard, too fast. A lot of Mage Elders I’ve met over the years can be a bit impatient to get results fast.”

“Of course, I will.” Patrick’s tone was reproving. “Fran has captured the hearts of most of my den and I think anyone hurting her wouldn’t survive to apologize.”

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