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Chapter 16.2

Simon woke with a smile on his face and a wonderful feeling of contentment. If only they could deal with the Cheryl situation everything would be perfect.

He stretched his legs being careful not to wake Kitryn who was making cute noises in his sleep beside him. The ache in his ass reminded him of the activities of the previous morning. Kitryn had been very gentle and gone very slowly but the ache was inevitable. And it said claimed just as much as the healed scar on his neck.

They had been going to wait to claim each other but it seemed Kitryn’s cat was sick of waiting. What should have been a pleasant make out session soon became more and the feelings just overtook them.

So now he was claimed by a shifter. He liked the feeling. It was like a bond now connected them, and although it felt incomplete, it gave him a feeling of belonging and family. It was a feeling he had been missing for what felt like a lifetime.

Kitryn stirred and Simon grinned down at his mate’s confused half asleep expression. As he watched Kitryn’s eyes cleared and Simon found his arms full of horny kitty. No this was a wake up routine he could get behind. Or under. Or even on top…

“Kitty, Simmy, Kitty, Simmy.” The excited yells were all the warning they got before the door burst open and they were buried under a pile of excited children.

Simon snickered a Kitryn put-upon expression and turned his attention to Peter who was jabbering on about learning how to make cookies.

“Children!,” came Meg’s stern voice. “What did I tell you about disturbing them. You were supposed to wait on the couch while I got your breakfast.”

The kits hung their heads, but no one was fooled. Simon clapped his hands. “Breakfast sounds good. Go wash your hands and we’ll meet you at the table.”

He waited until the room had been cleared and the door re-shut to pull Kitryn back into his arms and resume the waking kiss that had been interrupted.

They only pulled apart when breathing became a necessity.

“Hello my mate,” Kitryn purred, and Simon blushed at the lust evident in the tone.

“Hi,” Simon squeaked, then slapped a hand over his mouth at the high sound.

Kitryn chuckled but his reply was cut off by banging on the door.

“Breakfast is getting cold,” Meg yelled. “You can maul each other later. Get out here.”

Kitryn sighed and then they both let out a chuckle when they heard Peter asking, “What’s mauled?”

Breakfast was pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. The kits chattered on like magpies and Simon sat back to watch his family. Because that’s what they were. Blood didn’t matter, they were family and he would do all he could to protect them.

Simon helped to get the kits cleaned up and they all decided to head out for a walk. Free time would be in short supply once the mages arrived.

They hadn’t got far when Nelson piped up.

“Simmy, why you smell funny?”

Kitryn snorted and tried to turn it into a cough when Simon turned a glare onto him.

“What do you mean?” He crouched down to Nelson’s level as he spoke.

Nelson scrunched up his nose and seemed to be thinking. Peter spoke first instead. “You smell like Kitty.”

Simon tilted his head to take in Peter as well as Nelson. “We fell asleep together, of course, I smell like him.”

Now Kitryn ad given up hiding and was laughing long and loud. Simon frowned and turned to Meg for help. Even she was grinning.

“Simon and Kitty mated,” Fran’s voice interrupted.

Meg nodded. “That’s right Fran, Kitryn’s and Simon’s scents have mixed because they’re mated now.”

“Half mated,” Fran corrected.

Simon felt his face heating and Kitryn let out a choking sound.

Meg just grinned wider. “Well by the scar on your neck and your scent, I’d say your mated in the shifter way. The rest will have to wait. We have a walk to enjoy, and I think I heard there had been some fresh snow recently. Who wants to build a snowman?”

Suitably distracted the kits cheered and ran on ahead, yelling their agreement when told to stay within the guarded parameters the bears had set up.

Simon, Kitryn, and Meg followed along at a more leisurely pace.

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