Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 17.2

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Chapter 17.2

“So, are there butterfly shifters?”

Kitryn let out a low groan for what had to be the hundredth time. Simon had been working his way through all the different animals he could think of for two days. Kitryn was ready to scream.

“I don’t know,” Kitryn got out between gritted teeth.

“Oh.” Simon seemed to deflate and Kitryn felt a twinge of guilt.

“Why don’t you ask Carl?”

“Um…well, he may of, sort of, told me to leave him alone, or else.” If Simon had still been human Kitryn couldn’t help but think you would have been red from embarrassment.

Kitryn laughed and once he started he couldn’t stop. He ended up leaning against the corridor wall, holding his stomach, tears dripping from his cheeks.

“It’s not funny,” Simon huffed and Kitryn grunted at the elbow jab to his ribs.

“Yes, it is. It’s hilarious.”

When Kitryn finally regained control over himself he saw Simon was stood arms crossed with a frown.

Sensing he had missed something Kitryn pulled his mate into his arms.

“What’s up. Is Carl still acting all pissy? Did you find out what had him acting like he had a stick further up his butt than normal?”

That comment got him another rib poke.

“Carl wasn’t acting pissy. You just have a talent for pushing his buttons. Actually, I did ask if anything was wrong and he did answer me. Apparently one of his clan members keeps trying to pick fights with members from a neighboring clan. If allowed to go on it could start an inter-clan conflict. His council is trying to get him to go back and sort out the mess and Carl is telling them he’s staying and they need to sort it out on their own. Needless to say, they don’t like the idea. Since no vampires have been affected by the current situation his council don’t see why he should be involved. He then told them that a vampire is involved and told them about me. His bonded backed him up and she is now taking the council in hand and has promised he won’t be disturbed again unless it’s important. That doesn’t, of course, stop him worrying about his people and about the current situation and about what’s going to happen if we don’t get the current situation under control fast enough.”

Kitryn felt his mouth drop open. He hadn’t really thought that as an elder Carl would have a clan he was responsible for. How did the male find time in the night to sort things out there, train Simon and think of ideas to deal with Cheryl?

Kitryn dropped a kiss on Simon’s head. “I promise to behave better next time you have a lesson. And why don’t we go for a walk outside and I’ll try to answer more of your questions?”

Simon gave him a hug and they wandered up to the surface hand in hand.


Fran grinned. “The power worked just like you said, Mom. I saw the bad people.”

“That’s good, Sweetheart. Now, the next step is for you to use your powers to try and see what the bad people are going to do next, and what the outcome will be.”

Fran nodded and got comfortable on her bed. She crossed her legs and started the breathing exercises she’d been taught.


Meg was worried. Fran hadn’t been up long but had insisted she was still tired and wanted to go back to bed. She said she wanted to look at books and relax. Meg didn’t sense a lie so much as a misdirection.

Silently she crept along the corridor and found Fran hadn’t closed her door all the way. There was a peculiar glow that didn’t seem to match the lights that usually lit the rooms of the den.

She crept closer and maneuvered herself so she could peer through the gap in the door.

What she saw caused her to gasp and two gazes swung to face her before everything went black.

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