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Chapter 17.3

Kitryn pulled out of the kiss with Simon when he heard running footsteps. A young man skidded around the corner, saw them, and made straight toward them.

“You are needed immediately. The lady with you has been hurt.”

Kitryn set out at a flat run, but Simon still overtook him within seconds. Damn his mate was really getting used to his new powers.

They arrived at their rooms and saw people crowded around one of the couches in the living area.

“What’s going on?” he demanded and pushed his way through to see for himself. Meg was reclined on the couch with a damp cloth held to her forehead. At the sight of blood, Kitryn hissed. “What happened?”

Meg waved a hand at his. “I’m fine. I just got a surprise and fell.” She glanced pointedly at Fran and the other kits being cared for my two female bears.

Kitryn nodded. He moved nearer the kits and crouched down. “Grandma will be fine. However, I need to look after her and Simon will be asleep soon. So, can you all do me a very big favor and go stay with your friend Jake for the day? We’ll come and get you all at sunset.”

Fran nodded first and the boys soon followed. Then they started talking excitedly about all that they were going to do with their friend for what remained of the night.  Fran watched him for a moment before joining in the chatter.

After the kits were ushered out by Jake’s mother Kitryn sat beside Meg. “Tell us.”

Simon lounged on the floor at Kitryn’s feet and Meg shook her head.

“I saw an impossibility. I was going to check on Fran, and I saw a glow coming from her door. The door wasn’t shut properly so I tried to edge around to see through the crack. I didn’t really think she was doing anything she shouldn’t, but with little ones, you never know. When I saw what the glow was, I jerked back, caught my foot in the rug and fell back, hitting my head on the wall. I was knocked out for a few moments. Next thing I know Fran is screaming and people are coming running. The glow was of course gone.”

Kitryn was getting frustrated, it was like Meg was deliberately talking in riddles.

“What was the glow then?” he snapped out. He calmed marginally when Simon placed a hand on his knee and stroked soothingly.

Meg flushed. “Sorry, I’m stalling. I really can’t believe what I saw. It couldn’t be real.” Kitryn let out a hiss. “It was Jenny. Jenny was in Fran’s room talking to her. She was surrounded by a glow and was floating above the ground. She looked like some sort of angel. But, it’s ridiculous. Jenny is dead. You told me that. You said your sister and brother were all killed in the attack. She couldn’t be there. No one can come back from the dead.”

Kitryn felt his mouth drop open. Jenny could be alive? If she was what was happening? She didn’t have the power to do what Meg was saying. Jenny was just a regular cat shifter. Nothing more. She died with Brad, Tilly, and Luke in the attack. Kitryn had seen Brad and Luke cut down. Jenny and Tilly wouldn’t have been able to survive without their mates.

“We need to get to the bottom of this. We can’t have unknown entities visiting Fran and doing who knows what. Can we ward her room?”

Meg looked thoughtful. “I can’t, but isn’t that mage that Paddy was on about due very soon? From what Paddy has said he should be able to make sure nothing gets near Fran again. Until then she can move into my room and I will keep her with me.”

As much as Kitryn hated to leave anything unsolved, it was the best solution they had at that moment.

“Okay, she will be safe with her friend today. You can pick her up at sunset and Simon and I will go and fill the others in on what’s going on. I’m sure they’re not going to be happy to have another mystery to add to the pile.”


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