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Chapter 18.1

Kitryn let out another long sigh and sat up, the covers pooled around him. Simon let out a mumble and tugged them back to his side of the bed.

“Go back to sleep, the sun has only just set, I can still feel it. Anyway, you should still be tired out from…well, you know.”

Kitryn suppressed a grin. After all they’d done together, Simon still couldn’t bring himself to mention a simple act between two people.

He rolled over his mate and kissed his way up to Simon’s ear. “You mean when I spent the early morning hours pounding you into the mattress and making you scream yourself horse?”

Kitryn let out a chuckle at the yelp Simon let out as he slapped a hand over Kitryn’s mouth.

“Shh, someone could hear you. You know all h beings around here have that super hearing thing going on.”

Kitryn didn’t try and suppress the laugh this time. “My mate, you made enough noise to wake an entire country of paranormals. I think most on this compound know what we were up to before we slept. Of course, many others may have been up to the same thing. They could have heard us and decided to take a leaf out of our books. We could even give them an encore right now.”

By the time Kitryn had finished Simon was bright red and stuttering so prettily.

Anything else Kitryn was planning on sating or doing was cut off by a knock on the door.

“Breakfast in twenty minutes. And be warned the kits are up and playing in the main room. Which, of you remember, is right next door to this bedroom.”

Kitryn and Simon both groaned. Blocked by a grandmother and three kids.

“Oh well, time for a shower, I think.”

Kitryn perked up at Simon’s words. Shower sex sounded good, and the water should cover any noises well enough.

Meg’s voice cut into Kitryn’s planning. “And don’t think of heading for the shower you haven’t got time.”

With a groan and a long sigh, they pulled themselves out of bed and got dressed.

Kitryn’s mind went back to the problem that had woken him up. Who or what was visiting Fran? And why?

“She’ll be fine. We’ll keep her safe.” Simon’s words spoken against his back as his mate’s arm came around his middle were comforting. But they didn’t make Kitryn worry any less.

Be it ghost, astral projection, or something else entirely, Kitryn didn’t like it one bit.

“Come on, we don’t want Meg coming to get us, do we.”

Kitryn followed Simon out and pasted on a smile for the kits as they came running to greet them.


“He’s here,” Simon hissed when he poked his head into the office Kitryn was using to do research into the possibilities surrounding Fran’s visitor.

“Who?” Kitryn asked without looking up.

“The mage!”

Kitryn snapped to attention and shot out of his chair. “What’s he like? Will he help Fran? Can he help with the Cheryl problem?”

Simon pulled him into a hug. “Calm down he has only just arrived, and Paddy sent me to fetch you so he could introduce us to him. All I saw of him was he’s tall with white hair. I mean who has white hair? Grey, yeah, if you’re like sixty or so. But, white.”

Simon kept up the running chatter was he led Kitryn out the door and to the meeting room they were getting far too familiar with.

Paddy smiled when they entered. “Ah, there you two are. I’d like you to meet our newest arrival. This is Elder Tristan. Elder Tristan, may I present Kitryn and Simon. I’m sure you’ve heard the basics of how they arrived here and I’m sure they will be willing to fill in any missing details. We also have a few problems we are hoping you can help with. As soon as the others arrive we’ll get started.”

Simon and Kitryn both shook hands with the mage and then sat down to wait.

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